Company-wide communication is critical during a crisis situation. Our mobile-first platform for business continuity management can help you instantly connect and communicate with your entire team.

We help you reach every single employee:

Instant, Traceable Communications at Your Fingertips

Ensure every employee has read and received important information with our confirmation campaigns

Share Essential Updates in Seconds

Reach every employee and deliver critical updates across departments, locations, and languages

Get Up and Running in 48 Hours

Our rapid rollout support gets your entire company onboarded in less than two business days

Communicate Effectively in Times of Crisis With Beekeeper

Share Instant Shift Schedule Updates

Reduce absenteeism by instantly sharing schedule changes with frontline teams

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30 days of free access

You and your colleagues can start using the Beekeeper platform for free

Crisis Communication Checklist

A step-by-step checklist to set up your internal communications for an emergency situation

Roll-out within 48 hours!

Time is of the essence, that's why we help you set up the Beekeeper platform quickly for your entire team

Inside the Crisis-Ready Kit

Rhonda Turner

"In the event of an emergency, we wanted a way that we could quickly share important information with our employees on a mobile platform so we could send it from any location and they could immediately receive it wherever they were."

Director of Human Resources, Feather Falls Casino

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