When it comes to team communication apps, Beekeeper is the award-winning leader of the pack. Now, with the addition of Gustaf, an artificial intelligence shift management program, Beekeeper has expanded its application integration offerings and its people operations capabilities. Gustaf joins a growing portfolio of applications already available in the Beekeeper Marketplace.

Lead shift Management

Gustaf is a virtual assistant that specifically addresses challenges in the hospitality industry. Hotels have a huge mobile workforce. Now, there’s an efficient way to streamline shift management, integrating seamlessly with the Beekeeper platform, which is the team communication app of choice for some of the hotel world’s biggest names.
Here are the top 10 ways the Gustaf integration helps Beekeeper makes shift management easier than ever:

1. Taking Attendance

A problem plaguing the hospitality industry is employee absences. Instead of finding a replacement and letting their boss know if they can’t make a shift, employees in a crunch might opt to not show up, especially when they’re part of a bigger team. But with Gustaf, shift management is automated and streamlined. It’s user friendly and easily installed, taking the shift management burden off of employees and managers.

2. Time Management

Shift management is a time-consuming task in the hotel industry. Last minute scheduling changes take managers away from bigger tasks. By allowing Gustaf to handle employee coverage, team leads can focus on other responsibilities.

3. Easy Employee Interface

Schedule changes are inevitable. Employees using Beekeeper with Gustaf take charge of their own schedule without having to involve their managers. Employees inform Gustaf they need a shift covered and Gustaf jumps into action to find a replacement. This easy interface reduces absenteeism and empowers employees by giving them more control over their schedule.

4. Prioritizes Compliance

Gustaf handles all of the complex labor union laws the hospitality industry needs to follow. If an employee drops a shift, Gustaf matches it with the best person for the job making sure that the employee covering the shift has seniority, does not go over their allotted hours per week or work too many days in a row, and other common problems that happen with human error. Then it informs managers that an employee drops a shift and who the best match to cover the shift is. 

5. Eliminates Errors

Human error is a part of life. A manager who needs to stop what they’re doing and handle a last minute scheduling change might be distracted and could make a costly mistake like double covering a shift. By automating a hotel’s scheduling responsibilities with Gustaf, there’s no room for human error.

6. Cross-Cultural Virtual Assistant

The hospitality industry has a culturally diverse workforce. Employees who speak a different language than their managers, and/or colleagues, might have a harder time finding shift coverage. Gustaf can be personalized to communicate with employees in their preferred language.

7. Easy Integration

When a hotel or hospitality client has Beekeeper as their team communication app, Gustaf is an easy addition - a seamless application integration through Beekeeper’s Marketplace.

8. Record Keeping

Gustaf sends managers any scheduling revisions and updates, and keeps a log of all shift management communication with a time and date stamp.

9. Round-the-Clock Coverage

Gustaf doesn’t sleep. And that’s important in the hospitality business where employees work 24/7 shifts.

10. Putting Guests First

The hospitality industry exists because of guests. With Gustaf handling shift management and schedules, it frees industry workers to focus more on the guest experience.

When it comes to shift management in the hospitality world, Beekeeper with Gustaf application integration is a perfect match. With a customizable, easy interface, managers and employees never have to worry about scheduling issues. This virtual assistant’s got it covered.

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