Hotel managers face many challenges: they not only direct complex operations, but also adhere to union regulations and labor laws that change constantly. How can hospitality management be streamlined so hotel staff can provide the best guest services possible? Team apps like Beekeeper provide an easy-to-use, mobile solution. Through instant messaging and AI technology in integrations like Gustaf, team apps promote legal compliance and improve customer service in hospitality with automated operations.


team apps transform hospitality management

Automate Shift Management with AI

When call-outs happen, or when an employee suddenly can’t cover an assigned shift, managers have a difficult time finding someone to cover the available shift. They must consider union rules and labor laws when looking for a replacement, on top of local, state, and federal laws. 

With all of these regulations in place, it’s a time-consuming process for managers to not only find available workers, but also adhere to union and labor regulations. Scheduling errors happen all too frequently and incur enormous costs. If an employee was accidentally called in for an already-covered shift, that employee still has to be paid. 

Violating regulations also has severe financial consequences. Wage-and-hour litigation has reportedly increased by 450% since 2000, and top settlements amounting to as much as $2.5 billion. Hospitality management doesn’t have to be this costly, however. Team apps can now leverage the power of AI technology to make workforce management more efficient and compliant. 

When hospitality employees can’t cover a shift, they can simply message the Gustaf chatbot using the Beekeeper team app. Gustaf then reviews the availability of other employees in compliance with union rules and labor laws, taking into consideration seniority, overtime, and more. Once it finds available employees, Gustaf contacts them until a replacement is found. The integration updates the schedule and notifies the manager, while logging all communication related to shift management for union compliance.

Streamline Operations with Instant Messaging

Labor laws in certain jurisdictions around the U.S. change rapidly, which means managers often make schedule adjustments. Frontline managers at hotels end up spending the bulk of their time on administrative tasks, when they could be using this time to serve guests.

A team app like Beekeeper allows managers to send updated schedules to each employee in an instant. Each day, managers can see the schedule at a glance and notify everyone on duty with one click. Meanwhile, hospitality staff no longer has to ask managers to check their schedules, because they can message the Gustaf chatbot in Beekeeper instead. 

Gustaf also helps with team coordination. As working environments change, it’s not always possible to anticipate how many customers will arrive at which properties. Mobile solutions allow for instant messaging to keep hospitality staff updated, and are ideal for handling service surges. When more customers arrive than anticipated, hospitality management can use Gustaf to quickly call on team members to meet hotel staffing needs.

Facilitate Crisis Reporting with Mobile Solutions

New laws in California, Nevada, Illinois, and Florida combat sexual harassment in hospitality and significantly impact hotel industry operations. Chicago hotels are rolling out panic button systems, but find implementation expensive and complicated. 

Messaging apps such as Beekeeper enable instant crisis reporting, and the Gustaf integration in particular gives hotel employees the option to report with anonymity or through the app itself. It directs the report to HR and legal departments, which then can privately contact the employee who reported the incident. By providing a streamlined, non-threatening system for crisis reporting, a team app makes employee safety a priority with hotels.

Managers can also use a team app to securely distribute important documents and training materials to prevent sexual harassment and encourage workplace safety. Additionally, Beekeeper and other mobile solutions have features that encourage employee feedback, and would allow hospitality staff to express any concerns they may have.

Beekeeper with Gustaf Revolutionizes Hospitality Internal Communications

Beekeeper and Gustaf leverage the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to optimize hotel operations. Hospitality management no longer has to spend precious hours cross-checking schedules to cover shifts. App integrations like Gustaf take care of contacting and finding shift coverage, making workforce management much more efficient. 

What’s more, Gustaf makes compliance with union regulations and labor laws a breeze, so hotels no longer have to face steep costs from violations and accidental call-ins. By streamlining workforce management, keeping staff informed, and facilitating crisis reporting, team apps transform the experiences of hospitality staff and guests alike.