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Holcim Switzerland and Italy Case Study

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Holcim Switzerland & Italy needed a team communication tool for operational use primarily in their Swiss and Italian manufacturing plant, quarries, and office service areas to connect approximately 1,500 workers.

The main priorities for Holcim Switzerland and Italy when implementing Beekeeper were:

  • Reach workers on the manufacturing plant floor and remote locations
  • Distribute company information and content quickly from small to large, dispersed teams in over 70 locations
  • A multi-functional and safe digital space for plant workers with variable literacy and who speak multiple languages with minimal adoption hurdles
  • Align local Holcim communities into one online community
  • High Print Collateral Costs Holcim prints employee magazines in three issues a year
  • Trouble communicating Holcim has a a diverse workforce that speaks many languages including French, German, Italian, and English
  • No centralized digital place for resource sharing Holcim team members do not know how to access the company intranet
  • Reductions in Print Collateral Costs Saving over $50,000 per year by moving the entire publication online
  • Inline Translation Ensuring company-wide communications. Users simply click “See Translation” and the translated text is displayed
  • Digital Companion to the Company Intranet Providing a centralized digital place for resource sharing


Holcim (Schweiz) AG and Holcim (Italia) S.p.A. – subsidiaries of the world wide LafargeHolcim Group Ltd – are leading building materials and solutions providers. They offer cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete for a wide range of applications including infrastructure, commercial and residential construction projects

The products are tailor made to meet the requirements of even the most challenging environments, from underwater construction, high-rise buildings, low energy housing to complex geologic conditions like tunnels. Holcim (Schweiz) AG and Holcim (Italia) S.p.A. are managed as one market region.

Health and safety is our overarching value in everything we do. With Beekeeper, we are able to engage and share best practices with numerous colleagues, no matter how remote their working place is. The app provides real added value to our health and safety campaigns. Laura Bettazza, Project Manager, Health and Safety, Holcim Switzerland & Italy

Together with plant managers, leadership created a matrix that is updated monthly to group Holcim’s workforce in terms of language, level of hierarchy in the organization, which business unit they belong to, and which plant they work at. Communication campaigns are tailored accordingly, and Holcim uses an official News Stream to distribute information to employees as well as direct chat messaging to engage them.

Onboarding sessions were held in some of the plants for the rollout of Beekeeper. Having plant managers on-board who frequently use Beekeeper and are supportive of the new communication tool was critical for the implementation strategy to onboard plant workers. Beekeeper customer support was readily available and responsive, working in tandem with Holcim for the implementation process, which Holcim communication leadership described as an “excellent collaboration.”

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