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Case Study: Fitler Club

How Fitler Club used Beekeeper to Reach Record-High Engagement Levels

Launched in 2019, Fitler Club is an innovative hospitality space located in Philadelphia that includes hotel space, restaurants, a fitness center, and other luxury amenities.

Like many companies in the hospitality industry, Fitler Club was forced to close its doors temporarily and furlough staff members during the pandemic. Their main challenge was finding a communication strategy that would preserve the company culture they had worked so hard to build.

Fitler Club adopted Beekeeper to keep their employees engaged and informed on a mobile, user-friendly platform.

Read the case study to discover how Fitler Club used Beekeeper to reach record-high engagement levels by the time they were ready to resume operations.   

This case study details how Fitler Club:

  • Centralized training manuals
  • Created dedicated communication streams for important updates
  • Achieved more efficient operations with leaner staffing

“Our biggest discovery was that with Beekeeper, you could do more with less in terms of efficiency. You can consolidate a lot of information and use this as a hub, so your employees can be a ‘jack of all trades’ instead of delegating a task to the next person.”

Jeff David, Fitler Club