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How a Workforce App Helps Retailers Embrace “Click and Mortar” Trends

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Who said retail is dead? The combination of brick-and-mortar retail stores and online options, known colloquially as the “click and mortar” phenomenon, presents a challenge to retailers whose workforce needs to be able to deftly navigate both in-person and online sales.

“Click and mortar” provides the best of both retail worlds and an opportunity to reach more customers in their preferred consumer environment–whether shopping online from home, on-the-go via a mobile device, or in-person browsing at retail stores. In this consumer landscape, retailers don’t have to choose between a digital presence and physical retail stores; what’s more, your customers will expect digitally-literate employees and service.

Since today’s retail store workforce needs to be well-versed in consumer digital spending shopping habits and trends, we cover how a workforce app encourages and directly improves retail communication by encouraging tech-savvy behavior in retail workers.

Embrace rather than discourage the employee engagement features of a workforce app to facilitate innovation

Whether in a traditional brick-and-mortar capacity, or providing customer service online, retailers need to take note of the fact that employees are a valuable window into the minds of your customers. Think of them as on-the-ground PR teams for your retail stores. Invite your retail workforce to creatively interpret your brand based on their experience with customers and post their ideas in your workforce app.

Beekeeper app retailer innovation stream

These insights can be translated into better retail experiences for your customers. This provides a professional development opportunity for your workforce while ensuring your retail communication strategy is at the forefront of digital trends.

Use topic-dedicated communication streams as retail communication education hubs

A workforce app is an ideal place for centralized retail communication. Using a workforce app provides the following benefits for your retail workers:

  • Shows how online presence affects company brand with communication streams for sharing retail company best practices, brand stories, competitor insights, and customer feedback.
  • Empowers retail workers to post, comment, like, and share industry trends with each other enhances their digital literacy and social media fluency.
  • Mobilility and accessibility across retail stores and teams allow your retail workforce to stay updated with company content and contribute where work takes them.

Use polling and push notifications to “test” ideas with your retail workforce

From redeeming mobile coupons to signing up customers for your email list, “click and mortar” retail teams should be prepared to troubleshoot any technology hurdles and field questions effectively. Gaps in technical proficiency not only reflect poorly on your retail brand, but could result in the loss of a sale.

Making sure your workforce can navigate your retail website with ease can make the difference when converting a “try before you buy” customer (those who visit retail stores before completing a purchase online).

Beekeeper employee app poll feature

In addition to leveraging your workforces’ creativity and awesome ideas by actively encouraging their input on retail events, poll your retail workforce post-event or store promotion. This provides a way to gather real-time feedback from your retail workforce on how these events are going, what they thought was successful, and what could be improved.

With the right internal communication tools, such as a workforce app, retailers can adapt to digital spending shopping habits and trends while increasing profits with a hybridized retail communication strategy.