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Workflow Automation for Everyone with Zapier

Have you been looking for an integration between Outlook Calendar and Beekeeper so you can set yourself reminders for posts? Maybe you or some of your champions are looking forward to a custom integration to make work simpler.

We’re proud to be supported by the golden key of integrations: Zapier. This California-based tech platform offers easy automation for everyone. That’s why we like them. In their own words, they are “just some humans who think computers should do more work.” And we agree! We believe every single employee has the right to benefit from simple and beautiful mobile technology.

Not only did we build the integration, we are now officially a Zapier-supported app, joining 1000+ workplace software solutions in their integrations marketplace.

What does Zapier do?

Put simply, Zapier enables your most regularly-used apps and tools to talk to each other – and you can define exactly how with zero technical support.

Each of these connections is called a Zap. You can transform your operations by setting up Zaps between any apps in the Zapier marketplace. And that means, as of now, you have the power to create new Beekeeper integrations with over 1000 apps by yourself. It’s possible to save hours of time each week by setting up just a few strategic Zaps.

Achieve More With Strategic Automation

Strategic automation is a major disruptive trend for 2019. Although it may sound like a buzzword, it is in fact a super smart concept: strategic automation takes a holistic approach, assisting common interactions across all areas of the business and making it easier to access and react to useful information. You could view it as automation where it makes the most sense.

Whereas many companies are already automating the customer-facing parts of their business to make it easier to place bookings or orders, many are overlooking the potential of strategic automation for their non-desk workforce. This is where the real power of Zapier & Beekeeper resides. Here are just a few ways you can save time and deliver useful information by integrating Beekeeper with other software via Zapier.

Communication Strategy

Nobody likes doing things twice. Build a Zap to automatically pull your company’s social media content, news, and announcements into a Beekeeper stream to make it more easily accessible. Publish once, and save yourself the copy-paste!

Help for Helpdesks

Do you, like many companies, have an email-based helpdesk? You can now offer this service to all employees, even those without a company email address. Forward Beekeeper chat messages as an email via Zapier for easier ticketing, or even allow your employees to check their remaining vacation days by messaging a Zapier-linked bot in Beekeeper.

Update Documents

Share the latest shift schedules, handbooks, policies, and guidelines in Beekeeper and keep them automatically updated from OneDrive, Google Drive or other document management solutions.

And the best part? You can try it out by setting up a few simple Zaps free of charge. We’re excited to help you get creative with automation – and remember, if you’re already a Beekeeper customer, you can always turn to your Customer Success Manager or our Zapier How-To Article for advice.

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