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“Smartphones win, content digitalization and mobile happiness” – Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco

We were super excited to attend our first Strategic Internal Communications Conference in San Francisco. Here are some key highlights:

1. “In the world of employee screens, smartphones have won”

People spend around 152 minutes per day looking at their mobile screens, and 444 minutes on all devices in total. For comparison – desktop is 147 minutes day. One more argument for using mobile technologies to communicate with employees. Obtaining real-estate on your employees’ smart devices will be key for improved internal communications in 2016.

2. Employees who work on mobile apps are happier in general

Mobile workers are more productive, they feel better about the company and they represent and advocate the brand.

On the photo – Michael Berman (VP of North America, Beekeeper) and Preston Lewis (Founder & CEO of Intactic, Chairperson).

3. Digital revolutionazing content strategy

“Digital strategy means bringing real life online” – says Rachel Butts (Program Manager Digital Strategy, Children’s Health). Digital technologies completely transform traditional content management strategy: navigation, volume, writing style, interaction – it all became more flexible, transparent and engaging. The environment you create for employees tells them what you think of them.

4. We should never underestimate the importance of the Information cascade

An employee survey data shows that one of the key factors for employee engagement is a positive relationship between the employee and their direct manager. Regardless of the type of work or places where employees work at – there should always be an established communication (and a stable channel) between an employee and their manager, otherwise engagement will decrease significantly.

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