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Why Workstream Collaboration is the Best Thing You Haven’t Heard of Yet

There is a lot of terminology floating around when it comes to workplace productivity apps. We won’t inundate you with all of them, but we do want to give you the inside scoop on an emerging work style you’ll be hearing more of: workstream collaboration.

Intrigued? If you haven’t seen it pop up yet, you will. You’ll be happy to be one of the earliest on the scene when you discuss it with colleagues and industry leaders at the next networking event or cocktail party you attend.

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What it is

According to Gartner, workstream collaboration is an emerging segment of the technology industry designed to improve team coordination, performance, communications, and productivity. As companies expand and globalization continues to climb, internal collaboration tools are more important than ever to work with colleagues across teams, departments, and locations. Operations and IT leaders involved in digital workplace initiatives should utilize workstream collaboration as a new way to work for conversationally driven teams.

Designed to significantly reduce or replace email, core capabilities include frequent messaging, notifications, video uploads, optimized search, archiving, communication streams, and simple ways to share content. Workstream collaboration tools typically integrate with other enterprise applications via open APIs and bots. They can be accessed on mobile or desktop devices so they’re easily accessible by everyone in the organization, including those working on the frontlines.

Why you need it

Workstream collaboration has the power to improve operations, communications, and produce tangible results in any department. Who wouldn’t want a way to get their job done more efficiently and with simplified communication channels? Think of all the possibilities for every department when you have real-time communication and understanding of every workflow component. Product can reduce time to market, Sales can respond to inbounds quicker, IT can operate with less confusion by having every system in one place—just to name a few. Get your team running like a well-oiled machine!

From both a management and employee perspective, workstream collaboration is also a great time-saving way to stay engaged with colleagues and gain visibility into the inner workings of the organization. Non-desk employees often feel disconnected from the rest of the company, so these tools are an effective way to reach frontline employees and keep them as in the loop as everyone else. More and more companies are also adopting this collaborative approach to reduce turnover by creating a more meaningful work environment.

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