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Why Losing Control is Necessary to Drive Internal Cultural Change

Establishing an innovative, inclusive, and engaging corporate culture is a hot topic these days. And for good reason since culture is directly linked to employee retention. In order to establish a profound internal cultural change, you have to bend the rules a bit and step outside your comfort zone. That’s where real change happens.

In this digital era, there are so many tools at our disposal to catalyze cultural improvements. To utilize them, we first need to recognize two important things.

Culture and internal communication are connected

A healthy culture promotes creativity, experimentation, and innovation. That’s all great, but how do you facilitate a culture that breeds those qualities? First, management needs to question their current processes and start from within to transform internal communication by making it more accessible.

By mobilizing communications, you allow easy access, space for transparency, and give every employee the freedom to make an impact on the organization. Enabling your entire workforce to connect with each and every employee, especially non-desk workers who are hard to reach, helps establish a secure corporate culture. If an internal communication strategy is successful, you’ll see your staff evolve from disengaged workers to valuable brand ambassadors, both internally and externally. Not to mention engagement and retention rates will be at an all-time high.

Loosing control: Setting internal communications free enables innovation

It’s easy to maintain rigid processes and selective communication channels. What’s hard is being unconventional and giving up some control, albeit in a controlled environment. Many companies stunt their own innovation by over-controlling organizational communication and miss out on valuable opportunities through losing control.

Open up communication channels to listen to employees’ feedback, suggestions, and ideas they share. You may be surprised at the insights and trends that are revealed to make operations smoother, faster, and more productive.

By relinquishing a bit of your power, you’re transferring some of the responsibility to your colleagues and giving them some skin in the game. Enabling the workforce to contribute and be a part of the decision-making process gives you the opportunity to analyze responses, measure impact, and drive results.

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