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What’s in Your Hotel Task Management Toolkit?

Despite the prevalence of operations management software, there are many processes in the hotel industry that are still done manually. This is especially true at the front desk, where many hotels keep an MOD (Manager on Duty) log, written on paper and kept in a binder.

Of course, it is the all-important human element and care that is the hallmark of hospitality, but what if hotels could digitize this kind of task management? When essential tasks are streamlined with the right operations management software, hotel staff can turn their attention to focus more on the face-to-face interactions so crucial to superior guest service.

Digitize MOD Logs for Improved Guest Communications

The MOD log is the record of guest communications throughout a shift, and a detailed account of any service issues that occur and what resolution was offered. Front desk teams often have the most direct contact with guests, and need to be prepared to make the situation right if a guest is unhappy for any reason. The MOD log includes notes about solutions offered from extra rewards points that were offered, for example, or a room upgrade.

52% of best-in-class frontline service organizations are more likely to have invested in mobile tools that can provide employees better access to information in the field.

Integrate Mobile Tools Into Your Task Management Suite

In addition to being a time-consuming activity that takes away valuable interaction time between your front desk staff and hotel guests, analog MOD log notation is isolated and available only to that hotel. Perhaps more importantly, that information is only available to incoming shift managers by physically being at the front desk and reading through the notes there. These notes also can’t be submitted or integrated into your hotel operations management software.

With a mobile communication tool, this crucial guest communication and shift information can be digitally synced and passed through to your hotel operations management software. Moving the offline MOD log process online can benefit the following hotel use cases:

  • Submit housekeeping and maintenance tickets in Beekeeper to get an issue ticket number and follow up on the status of tasks in the other hotel systems.
  • Automatically synchronize your workforce information with Beekeeper with key HRMS, so your data is always current.
  • See housekeeping and cleaning schedules from your hotel tech platforms directly within Beekeeper to stay on top of shift scheduling.
  • Submit guest feedback in Beekeeper to your digital customer service log book. The electronic version of the shift-to-shift pass-on log allows staff to easily communicate key information to one another in a recognizable format.
Screenshot of navigation extensions with Sharepoint integration in Beekeeper team app for hotels.

Rather than advocate for the completely automated or “staffless” hotel, it’s clear that pairing human service and attention with the efficiency and consistency operations management software provides is a win-win for the hospitality industry.