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What Would You Do With 17 Extra Hours a Week?

When the right people communicate with each other, great things happen. This is especially true within a company. Internal communication is a key driver for employee engagement, which in turn leads to exceptional results, like increased productivity and better financial performance.

Did you know that a business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours per week clarifying communications? So why do many companies struggle with getting internal communications right?

At Beekeeper, we’ve helped over twenty major organizations build a highly engaging community and communication platform with social streams und mobile messaging for their workforce. Here’s what we found:

No Email Address – No Problem!

Many companies – especially in the hospitality, retail and manufacturing sector – employ staff members that don’t use a PC at work. Looping your cleaning personnel, your factory workers, your kitchen staff or your shop assistants effectively into internal communications can be a challenge. This is where a mobile-first platform like Beekeeper adds tremendous value. Last year alone, we’ve connected over 50,000 employees from 110 locations for a hospitality client, and it made all the difference. Productivity rose, the staff feels more connected to each other and their employer and – most important to the client – employee engagement has significantly increased (Teaser: We’ll write a post about this case study next week).

Bringing Back the Coffee Corners – Virtually!

Many organizations today are partially or entirely reliant on a remote workforce. This flexibility has a great many advantages, but it also means that internal communications is increasingly reliant on emails and video conferences. Both these channels are effective, but what goes missing is the informal part: The coffee corner conversations where personal topics are relayed alongside company updates, tidbits of project news and the occasional question of “Hey, want to go for lunch together today?” It’s in these “informal” moments that a company’s social capital grows, employees have new ideas and friendships at work can prosper. The latter is allegedly key for employee engagement according to Gallup.

Our mobile-first platform featuring real-time streams, mobile messaging, push notifications and photo sharing functionality can become your new online coffee corner: A place where employees across geographies and time zones can have informal conversations, post the latest developments and share photographic impressions from their day-to-day work life.

At Beekeeper, we revel in creating software that makes the act of connecting with others simple and engaging. We believe that enabling everyone in your organization to be part of the company’s internal dialogue is what it takes to save 17 hours a week.

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