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Webinar: Why Your Hotel Should Go Digital for 2020

Before the pandemic, the hospitality industry was facing a unique set of challenges. The industry had experienced rapid growth over the past decade, while at the same time, a labor shortage crisis made it difficult for hotels to keep up with their operational demands. As companies begin to recover and rebuild their workforces, they need to make strategic decisions to avoid the labor shortage pitfall.

Low unemployment levels, combined with the temptation to forgo hourly shift work in favor of joining the gig economy dried up the pool of available frontline workers — with hospitality being one of the most impacted industries.

According to an article in Vox,

The hardest-to-find workers are no longer computer engineers. They are home health care aides, restaurant workers, and hotel staff. The shift is happening because more and more Americans are going to college and taking professional jobs, while working-class baby boomers are retiring en masse.

Just last year, a hotel management company was opening up a new Homewood Suites near Salt Lake City, Utah. The company posted job openings for housekeepers — and didn’t get a single applicant.

Stories like these serve as a reminder for hotel managers that it was very much a job seeker’s market. That same scenario will play out as companies begin to hire workers during their recovery. Hotels must get creative if they want to build high-performing hospitality teams.

That’s why we’ve created the webinar, “Why Your Hotel Should Go Digital for 2020.” While times have changed, the same rules still apply.

Hear renowned HR leaders reveal the secret to building and maintaining a successful hospitality culture to attract and retain employees.

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Discover Key Findings from Our Hospitality Culture Report

In early 2019, Beekeeper and EffectUX teamed up to uncover the defining factors that both contribute to and detract from workplace culture in the hospitality industry. The survey received 1,166 respondents who shared their perspectives on what hotels can do to create a strong company culture.

Our study analyzes trends in enabling a positive culture, as well as detractors to reveal possible patterns that could be contributing to the high turnover rates hotels are currently battling.

In addition to revealing the results of our hospitality culture study, this webinar will teach hospitality leaders how to:

  • Leverage cutting-edge hotel technology to better connect with frontline workers
  • Create an active, engaged workforce
  • Build a hospitality culture that gets employees excited to come to work each day

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with the Latest Hotel Tech

Your hotel probably leverages the latest technology to improve the guest experience, but what technologies are you using to optimize the employee experience? We’ll reveal how a mobile-first, real-time communication platform can transform the way your workforce operates.

Learn how a digital workplace can help your entire hospitality team — from general managers to housekeepers — communicate more efficiently, work better together, and ultimately improve the guest experience.

An app like Beekeeper can reinvent your employer brand by giving your workforce:

  • Autonomy. Jobs in the gig economy, like driving for a ride-sharing service, allows workers to create their own schedule. A team app on their mobile devices gives hotel employees the same power. Beekeeper’s Shift Schedules feature creates a more autonomous workforce and more flexibility by giving employees improved access to their work schedule and allowing them to enjoy a better work/life balance.
  • Information. An employee app acts as the go-to source for information workers need to provide better customer service. At the same time, this untethered approach to people management supports the independent, mobile nature of frontline jobs that people prefer.
  • A voice. When a hotel uses a team app to facilitate bottom-up communication they are essentially giving their frontline employees a voice. A digital workplace opens up organizational communication at every level of a company.

Happy Employees Lead to Happy Guests

Your frontline employees are the face of your hospitality brand. They’re the first and last touchpoint for guests at your hotel, so it’s crucial that these frontline associates appear eager, excited, and enthusiastic. Your ability to deliver a five-star guest experience depends on it.

If your hotel has been struggling with high turnover, sky-high operating costs, and under-motivated employees, then this webinar is for you.

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