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Top 5 Ways to Make the Most of Beekeeper

Choosing an employee app involves careful research into the best digital tools out there to best meet your business goals. How do you cultivate continued success after implementing new technology? Luckily, the evolution of your communication strategy doesn’t have to stop there; digital transformation is an ongoing process that should be continually re-evaluated.

Beekeeper is packed with ways to improve employee engagement and streamline information for non-desk workers, and we’re always looking for ways to ensure our customers are maximizing our operational communication platform. Below, we share the top five use cases to make the most of Beekeeper.

1. Using our operational communication platform as an online vault and a virtual corporate memory.

One of the most challenging aspects of ensuring your company’s messaging remains consistent, especially as your workforce ebbs and flows, involves the management and stewardship of important corporate information.

Sending policy updates, announcements about new hires, or project timelines with potentially confidential specs over email isn’t a failsafe, secure method of organizational collateral.

With Beekeeper, posted company information has a much longer life cycle because it is centralized in one digital hub. Using our employee app as an online repository ensures information is available to large groups of people and that essential documents never get lost.

When you intentionally build in opportunities for your workforce to use your employee app as an online educational resource, such as providing training documents for career development, employees view this as a valuable tool to access beyond referring to it in their day-to-day work.

2. Leveraging communication streams for employee engagement to boost retention.

The idea behind providing open, transparent communication in the workplace is simple: if you like working at your company, and like to communicate with your coworkers, you are more likely to stick around because you feel more visible and more involved. In dedicated communication streams, leadership and frontline workers can:

  • Post insights and updates about their jobs, projects, and production schedules
  • Share customer interactions and pose questions to coworkers for advice or guidance
  • Have a virtual window into the working world of their colleagues

Since Beekeeper is mobile-first, your workforce can access the operational communication platform when and where they need to, connecting your teams across departments and locations.

3. Celebrating your workforce through consistent employee recognition.

Beyond deploying communication streams for daily operational communications, companies can implement employee recognition programs to boost employee connection. This ultimately boosts ROI for your employee app because it improves employee satisfaction, a prime ingredient in retaining your workforce with today’s low unemployment rates.

Posting employee recognition on Beekeeper allows everyone in the company, from leadership and managers to other staff, to be equally vocal in supporting and championing the work of colleagues. Did an employee pick up the slack on a task or project when the team lead had to take a sudden leave of absence? Has a customer applauded a staff member’s service or cheerful attitude?

Spreading positivity is contagious, and is especially effective when management leads by example by posting praise often and with specific examples of hard work, good deeds, and exemplary performance.

4. Use campaigns, surveys, and polls to improve company culture, and for communication in times of crisis.

One way to make larger groups aware of important information in real-time is to use confirmation campaigns. From a reminder about a current or prospective client visit, to a production schedule update, or closure announcement due to weather, automated messaging allows you to reach your entire workforce or selected staff at a moment’s notice.

Beekeeper allows for more creative internal communication styles while gathering actionable data. With Beekeeper’s analytics dashboard, measure employee engagement from campaign open rates to the answers to surveys and polls on workplace conditions, holiday scheduling, and more.

Our research shows a distinct correlation between campaigns going out and employees coming back to the platform more frequently. When a campaign goes out, employee engagement spikes; this is because employees now know that if they don’t log on, they might miss out on important communication.

5. Encourage your workforce to ‘think outside the box’ with our Innovation App.

We build our platform to be used in certain ways, but one of the most exciting aspects of Beekeeper is seeing how customers use the platform for innovation.

With our Innovation App, your workforce has an intentional space to surface ideas on how to improve the business, which they often don’t get the opportunity to do so in such a dedicated way. Gain insights from frontline teams, give a voice to those who know your business, operations, and processes best, and quickly vote up the best and brightest visions.

Download our Domino’s Pizza case study to see how one of our customers is making the most of Beekeeper.