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The Workplace is a Hive – Beekeeper’s Symbolic Makeover

Here at Beekeeper, we strive for innovation and want to deliver the best experience for our customers. We’ve evolved significantly since our inception to adapt to our clients’ needs, and as our story has changed, our brand has changed along with it. You may have noticed our revamped logo and our website’s new makeover. This rebrand goes beyond just aesthetics. It’s a reflection of our commitment to connecting people through technology, especially the two billion members of the non-desk workforce that aren’t normally kept in the loop. Beekeeper is where technology meets people, and this is our journey to unite them!

Why bees?

First, let’s start with the question we’re regularly asked, “Why bees?” Bees are social by nature and accomplish incredible feats every day. How do they do it? Through expert communication. By performing what is called the “waggle dance,” bees communicate with colony members about the direction and distance to pollen-yielding flowers, water sources, and new hive locations to produce honey. Efficient communication is not just important, it’s key to their survival. We drew inspiration from these amazing insects as so much of their strategy can be applied to the human workplace.

Just like bees in a hive, we believe every single employee plays a vital role in a company’s success. Everyone has their own job to do, but within the context of a larger goal. Beekeeper’s mission is to connect every single employee with their colleagues and operational systems so no one ever feels alone or ill-equipped in the workplace. Fulfillment + proper tools = productivity. Our goal is to provide the variables to solve that equation!

Design inspiration

Now that you know what we’re all about, it’s time to break down our new logo. We landed on the hexagon shape because it resembles, you guessed it, a hive! When bees create hexagons in their hives, the six-sided shapes fit together perfectly. In fact, bees don’t make hives in any other shape because it uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight (talk about efficiency). The hexagon isn’t just a geometric shape, it’s a time and energy saver. All that extra energy can be used for other important jobs like carrying pollen.

Beekeeper’s hexagonal logo is comprised of triangles that each have a specific meaning. The combined three triangles represent the blue collar workforce, while the other three triangles represent white collar workers, management, and technology. Just like a hive, the hexagon is the hub where productivity and fulfillment happen, and no segment can work without the others.

You’ll find in all of our imagery each person owns their own hexagon, but is surrounded by other people in the larger mosaic of photos. These are real people with important jobs to do and know they can achieve more together. It’s up to Beekeeper users what they do with the platform’s components. You can add integrations with all your systems to streamline processes, effectively communicate with every employee, be a brand ambassador, motivate teams—the possibilities are limitless. Each company can take the platform and make it their own.

Our new brand highlights the connectivity Beekeeper aims to accomplish. Thanks for being a part of our journey to the honey—it has been a sweet one!

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