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How Team Apps Streamline Crisis Management for Manufacturing

In our white paper, “Streamline Manufacturing Crisis Management with a Team Communication App,” we outline the three most impactful types of crises that manufacturing companies can encounter and provide in-depth analysis of how they affect your manufacturing business and how to streamline management procedures.

The three major examples of crises that affect manufacturing companies are:

  • Natural disasters
  • Technical or human error-precipitated crisis
  • Discord crisis

Given these, we also detail why having a solid crisis management plan is an essential component of your internal communications strategy that you can’t afford to forego. With that in mind, we also cover risk assessment, crisis operations planning, and how digital technology such as a team app can assist manufacturing companies with successful implementation and maintenance of crisis management plans. Lastly, having the right internal communications strategy in place minimizes recovery time for your manufacturing workforce in the unfortunate event of disaster or crisis.

Manufacturing Risk Assessment Protocol

Safety and real-time communication are top priorities for manufacturing companies. While it may seem difficult to predict what manufacturing-specific crises might arise, there are practical steps manufacturing companies can take to prepare their workforce as much as possible in the event of emergency.

In addition to incorporating the numerous local, regional, and national resources available (such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) multi-hazard loss estimation software, HAZUS) manufacturing companies should focus on conducting regular audits of their manufacturing facilities and plant equipment.

Preparing Operations and IT for Crisis

When it comes to a manufacturing emergency situation––an injury on the plant floor, a manufacturing equipment malfunction, or workforce care during an extreme weather situation––operations and IT departments play uniquely relevant roles in planning and response. For example, a manufacturing operations team makes sure the right resources are accessible to their workforce such as appropriate food and water rations, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers. Likewise, IT needs to have a contingency plan should plant power be lost, or digital internal communications compromised.

How Team Apps Facilitate Crisis Management for Manufacturing

Using a team app as part of your internal communications strategy is an effective, efficient method of ensuring emergency information reaches your entire workforce, from administrative offices to the plant floor. With the ability to push real-time alerts with one click, a team app facilitates instantaneous notifications to make sure your manufacturing workforce has the latest updates and safety information.

From plant closures to notifications that it’s safe to come back to work following a major natural disaster, a team app is a quick and easy way to communicate need-to-know information to your manufacturing workforce. Confirmation campaigns, which prompt employees to click that they have read and received messages, are one of the core features of Beekeeper relevant to the fast-paced, physically demanding manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing confirmation campaign with Beekeeper team app

Internal Communication Tools to Minimize Crisis Recovery Time

Beekeeper has many manufacturing-relevant features such as digital signage to reach the plant floor workforce when mobile devices aren’t easily accessible, communication streams, and push notifications, which are integral to any crisis management plan. Necessary files and documents, such as maps that show emergency meet-up locations in the event of a plant evacuation, are easily uploaded to stream posts and messages––accessible wherever your workforce is at a moment’s notice.

Download our Crisis-Ready Kit to help your team stay connected during a crisis.