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Strategies for Success as a Digital Workplace Leader

With the right leadership, a digital workplace can revolutionize your company. A successful leader will implement strategies that complement the internal communications technology to create a more transparent and collaborative culture, boost employee engagement, and encourage a more fluid internal conversation with their staff.

If you’re a leader in a digital workplace, here are strategies you can implement that will have direct benefits for your entire workforce.

Learn to Listen to Facilitate Collaboration

In a digital workplace, internal communication will convert from top-down to two-way. A team communication app, like Beekeeper, a business communication platform for non-desk workers, emphasizes the importance of connecting leaders with their entire staff. Especially frontline workers who traditionally have not had access to company communication tools like email. A digital workplace will flatten the hierarchy and give that workforce a voice. Listening to their feedback and ideas will accomplish more than you expect!

Your frontline teams are on the move, engaging with customers, building your products, representing your brand and, as their name implies, on the frontlines of your business. They can report challenges they face or areas needing improvement to make your business better. Their insight can help shape company policies that significantly impact your bottom line. Once you equip them with team communication tools, your frontline staff will be more than shift workers, they’ll be valuable collaborators.

Share Your Vision for a Better Customer Experience

Cristian Grossmann, the CEO and founder of Beekeeper, says a digital workplace can be eye opening for leaders because “suddenly through these types of channels the visibility of the whole organization becomes possible. They have access to that frontline of their business. The ones that are actually driving the business and driving the guest experience.”

Half of the non-desk workforce feels out of the loop when it comes to their company’s vision. Company information like performance, outlook, and goals, were once reserved for the boardroom. But the most direct route to increasing employee engagement is transparency. Studies have shown that the more knowledgeable the frontline staff is about products, corporate information, and company vision, the more confident and engaged they are when interacting with customers. Open the C-suite doors and share important information with your frontline staff through a team communication app. It will help them succeed, feel more valuable to your company, and deliver better customer service.

Encourage Innovation to Cultivate Digital Leaders

We’ve established that a digital workplace will build a more engaged workforce by giving them a voice. This creates employees dedicated to the mission and the brand. These stakeholders will start bringing more to the table now that they have a communication channel through a team communication app. Encourage employees to share more than feedback. Ask for their ideas and innovations. Then, look for signs of leaders – you might even find a digital trendsetter in your pack who will be a big asset to your company.

Be a Data-Driven Leader for Loyalty and High Retention

With a team communication app like Beekeeper, you’ll have an analytics dashboard to give you an overview of engagement and efficiency. You’ll have the ability to survey your staff to measure information like job satisfaction and feedback about specific policies. Be ready, willing, and able to make data-driven decisions based on those results. Employees will see you as a responsive leader which will boost their investment in the company and encourage a productive dialogue in the digital workplace.

Your leadership will be measured by your strategies for employee engagement, retention, productivity, and the bottom line. When you adopt a digital workplace, you’ll fast track your path to success.

To test your leadership strategies in your digital workplace, try a free demo of Beekeeper.