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Bay Area Council Economic Institute Highlights Beekeeper as a Successful Silicon Valley Company

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute recently published a report titled “Innovation Bridge: Technology, Startups, and Europe’s Connection to Silicon Valley,” with a spotlight on Beekeeper!

Innovation Bridge Report

The meticulous report delves into why so many European startups make their way to Silicon Valley and highlights numerous success stories, including Beekeeper. Leaders of many government agencies, universities, accelerators, venture firms, and private companies contributed their insights. The Institute’s knowledge partners, including Mind the Bridge, RocketSpace, Factory, and Tech.eu. also provided key data to enrich the study.

As a global startup that was founded in Zurich, Switzerland and is now dual-headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Beekeeper was given a spotlight. On page 41, you’ll learn about our fearless CEO, how Beekeeper came to be, the investors who helped get us here, and a few of our wonderful hospitality customers.

Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Since 1990, the Bay Area Council Economic Institute has been the leading think tank focused on the economic and policy issues facing the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Bay Area, the world’s leading center for technology and innovation. A valued forum for stakeholder engagement and a respected source of information and fact-based analysis, the Institute is a trusted partner and adviser to both business leaders and government officials.

Through its economic and policy research and its many partnerships, the Institute addresses major factors impacting the competitiveness, economic development and quality of life of the region and the state, including infrastructure, globalization, science and technology, and health policy. We are honored to be mentioned in one of their reports!

With over 80 employees in four countries, we are growing quickly! If you’re interested in joining the Beekeeper team on our quest to digitize the non-desk workforce, view our job listings on our Career page.