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The Best SocialChorus Alternative for Frontline Operational Efficiency

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Many workforce communication platforms, like SocialChorus, claim to bring together the frontline workforce and reach every employee, from corporate HQ to the front lines. But before you commit to a platform, it’s important to examine what these platforms offer and how they would actually benefit frontline employees. You might find that a SocialChorus alternative has features that perform better when it comes to employee engagement and operational efficiency.

In the evolution of workplace technology for frontline workers, SocialChorus falls short in considering the communication needs of all stakeholders. Beekeeper is a SocialChorus alternative that is at the forefront of giving frontline employees and managers the technology they need to stay connected.

SocialChorus Competitors

Let’s start by looking at why it’s important to consider the communication needs of every stakeholder in your company, especially if your company employs frontline workers.

The frontline workforce is often fragmented, as workers are on-site and rarely come into contact with those in corporate offices. Managers need to know what’s happening on-site, but they may have several locations to keep an eye on.

Adopting an internal communication tool can help reduce the effects of that fragmentation by:

  • Giving workers access to information like safety procedures and workflows so they don’t need to seek help from managers
  • Encouraging employees to give feedback on how to improve the workplace
  • Allowing managers to contact every member of their team and track their progress

Ideally, the tool you choose should facilitate bottom-up communication, which allows employees at any level to have their voice heard.

While SocialChorus pricing does offer multi-channel content distribution, some feel that it’s more of a top-down tool that doesn’t prioritize collaboration or peer-to-peer engagement or operational efficiency.

With SocialChorus, you’ll get content templates for delivering internal communications like newsletters, and you’ll be able to automatically publish content on your intranet. But there are other all-in-one communication tools for frontline workers that have a wider range of capabilities:

  1. Poppulo offers a mobile app specifically designed for frontline workers
  2. 15Five allows you to create surveys and get employee feedback, with built-in Check-ins for managers
  3. Survey Sparrow lets you deliver more engaging, chat-like surveys
  4. Smarp delivers personalized news to every employee
  5. Sociabble aggregates content from company channels and uses gamification to increase employee engagement 

The Best SocialChorus App Alternative

Beekeeper was originally developed as a one-stop-shop for frontline teams to reach everyone and access everything they need on one mobile app. With a simple, social-media inspired UI and user-friendly operational tools, Beekeeper streamlines internal communications and boosts workplace productivity.

As a SocialChorus alternative, Beekeeper stands out in several ways:

Optimized for All Stakeholders

With their top-down communication model, the SocialChorus app prioritizes the needs of internal marketers over those of frontline workers and managers. By contrast, Beekeeper offers bottom-up, peer-to-peer, and top-down communication. Campaigns, polls, surveys, announcements, and collaboration are all possible on Beekeeper.

Stronger Operational Efficiency

SocialChorus focuses on communication via social sharing, which simply isn’t enough for truly efficient frontline teams. Although SocialChorus is known for its social sharing feature, users need to have social media apps installed and be logged in to use them.

With Beekeeper, frontline teams can use features like the Home Screen, which directs employees to their most relevant shift schedules and documents. What’s more, many frontline employees don’t necessarily want another content-heavy “social media” style app on their phones, but they will download something that will save them time. To reach full activation, you’ll need to offer some time savings or efficiency.

Native Chat Feature

Beekeeper's native chat features

Though Social Chorus does integrate with third-party apps like Slack and Teams, it has no native chatting or collaboration feature. This means companies would have to adopt multiple tools to create a platform that allows for pee-to-peer communication.

Many find that SocialChorus’ main strength is as a top-down content publishing platform. Beekeeper has built-in chat functionality for messaging between individuals and groups so teams can easily collaborate together in real time and solve problems faster, making it a more practical option for frontline teams.

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