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Beekeeper 101: Reach More Colleagues With Campaigns

Campaigns are private messages used to target a specific segment of your company all at once. Campaigns are an excellent way to communicate essential information to all employees individually because the messages are automatically personalized, can be scheduled in advance and their reach is measurable. In need of some campaign inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Confidential HR Communication

Shorten your HR processes with campaigns. Schedule a campaign to distribute instructions and links for HR documentation, such as expenses returns and monthly pay slips  to your employees. This will be especially beneficial for non-desk employees who do not have a company email address.

2. Dates & Deadlines

Campaigns can also be used as reminders. Avoid confusion, misinformation and tardiness by reminding employees of the time and location of training days, company events and team off-sites. These messages could also include helpful reminders of necessities or dress code.

Campaigns can help all your employees hand applications in on time. Send out reminders for upcoming internal deadlines for applications, such as holiday requests or health benefits. If your colleagues don’t respond to your message, send them a targeted reminder close to the deadline!

Health benefits are incredibly important for both employee and employer but are often difficult to coordinate. Use campaigns to make the benefits communication process a whole lot simpler during open enrolment: Target various age ranges and gender groups to communicate relevant benefits options and deadline reminders.

3. Crisis Communication

Campaigns can be used to contact all employees in case of an emergency. Send a campaign to remind employees of a fire assembly point in the event of a fire, to update them on an emergency situation or to provide reassurance in the aftermath of an economical or political change.

Did you have to release a statement to your employees on the company’s position post-Brexit vote? Or will you be planning an internal release in the wake of the US election result? Expressing your position and reassurance through a campaign will make your message direct, reliable, and give it a personal touch rather than mass appeal. Crisis communication campaigns allow you to open up a private, vertical communication channel and show employees that managers want to share with them.

4. Protocol & Policies

Keep your employees up to date on company protocol and policies. The next time changes are made to protocol or a policy, make the most of the campaigns’ targeting capacity by personally notify the relevant teams.

Send employees protocol and policies reminders at relevant times. Remind employees of your company’s sick leave policies during flu season for example. This will keep them informed as well as open up a secure communication channel to exchange HR documents such as doctors notes.

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