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Product Release Notes July 2017

Here at Beekeeper, we constantly work to improve and expand the platform to deliver the best user experience. Every month we will release the latest feature updates in our blog. Here’s what you can start using this month!

The Big Changes

  • Video upload from mobile app (iOS and Android) – You can now upload videos to a post from your mobile phone. Admins have up to 2GB of storage per video, while standard users are limited to 200MB. As always, each post can contain up to 8 media files including photos, videos, and documents. Time to start filming!
  • Improved Dashboard usability for group and stream admins. We are taking steps to make the Dashboard more scalable and offer you better visibility of who is doing what on Beekeeper. These are some of the improvements we rolled out this month:
    • Stream admins can create slideshows – There is a new slideshow builder in the Streams tab which is available to Stream Admins and Global Admins. The new Slideshow interface allows you to select posts to show based on a timeframe and one or more labels, making the process much easier.
    • Better visibility of admin rights and stream access of a user. The improved Groups tab allows you to manage group memberships and admin permissions directly from a user’s page in User Management. There is also a new Streams tab where you can directly see which streams a user has access to with the associated permissions.
  • Better cropping for photo thumbnails (web app, iOS, Android) – Photo galleries in posts have been a hot topic for our customers. We regularly hear of cases where your colleague’s head was cut off in the thumbnail, hindering your employee recognition efforts. To solve this problem, we changed the cropping ratio of photo thumbnails in posts from 4:3 to square. Now you can see a larger portion of your picture directly from the gallery and the rendering is much better both for portrait and landscape photos.
  • Automatically save post draft (iOS, Android) – Have you ever started typing a long post then navigated to another tab and lost your draft? Yeah, we know, it’s a pain. We enabled automatic saving of post drafts from the mobile app so you never lose your valuable work again.
  • Two-step confirmation when sending photos in chats (iOS, Android) – You will now be asked for confirmation before sending a photo in a chat message. The days of accidentally sending a picture of your daughter’s piano recital instead of the team photo from yesterday’s conference are over.
  • More granular mute options (web app, iOS, Android) – We have extended the options to mute all push notifications. You can now mute your app for 1 hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, and 2 weeks. For a specific group chat, you can even mute them for 1 year.

The Small Changes

iOS App

  • Fixed issue when links in campaigns sometimes open in browser
  • Improved performance of the app on a background to foreground switch
  • Made photo uploads to posts more user-friendly
  • Various bug fixes

Android App

  • Real-time updates for posts and comments
  • Receive push notifications when your support tickets get resolved
  • New and improved placeholder for images that cannot be loaded
  • Improved Profile View
  • Better error screen when “user not found”
  • No longer possible to change password without providing current password
  • Notifications can be scrolled infinitely instead of only showing the latest 15
  • Various bug fixes

We hope you enjoy the new changes (we sure do). Stay tuned for more feature updates next month!

For more information about Beekeeper and specific features, check out our Help Center or contact us. We love hearing about how you’re using the platform!