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Discovering New HR Roles in Business Strategy

The German summit for HR decision-makers in Bonn has just kicked off. It is one of the yearly HR events where specialist from Central Europe gather to discuss their key findings on how to improve European human resource management. The agenda includes several expert presentations, round table discussions and seminars. The Beekeeper team couldn’t miss this event, we’re going to share our insights on mobile employee engagement and present our tool there. We’ll add live updates on the key highlights of the event to this post, as we learn more HR roles in business strategy.

The opening session from Unity Media focused on the role of HR in business strategy.

– Almost every company has a comparable performance system, but people don’t like the process. And it’s quite common when there’s no HR strategy beyond the business strategy.
– After realizing the above Unity Media (one of the largest cable operators and a leading provider of media and communication services in Germany) decided to build a new model based on fundamental values and people at the core.
– One of the main priorities is to help people grow and get better. Focus on helping people “Win at work”. Job is a partnership of equals.
– Modern businesses should address tough behavioural topics and create an appreciative feedback culture, as well as to understand the role of HR in business strategy.
– People are not against change in general – they are against being changed. When traditional approach to change management usually implies detailed central planning and top-down hypotheses (and around 70% of change projects fail), the new collaborative way of managing it focuses on the process of collective, joint-exploration of change, people should believe in change.

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