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All You Need to Know About Enterprise Trends at the Mobile World Congress in Case You Missed It

The congress kicked off on Monday this week in sunny Barcelona and even though the year has just started this expo for sure is going to be one of biggest events in the industry in 2016. All big and trendy tech companies are present here and some of the greatest minds including Mark Zuckerberg hosted talks and round tables.

Our team is doing multi-tasking at the event: we’re proudly presenting our smart internal communication tool and exploring the expo to share the highlights with you. For the sake of convenience we grouped all enterprise related trends we find interesting into 3 groups:

1. Smart communication

There are a lot of communication channels and solutions on the market but the question arising now is how to manage all these channels and make this communication smart. Automation and analytics are trending. Time is one of the greatest assets we have now and we want to use it in a smart way. Every action on mobile should be measurable, every standard repeated communication where possible should be automated. People want to focus on creative and unique stuff, success stories and achievements and leave standard routine processes for automation tools. Untrackable and unstructured communication with no clear goals was left behind forever in the reality of business. Security was also a part of the discussions on modern mobile communication: encryption and data protection are the highest priorities for smart cloud communication solutions.

2. Green technologies

Ecology is now a global concern and every serious company is developing its own green programme. There were many solutions presented at the expo including solar batteries, wireless chargers and recycling solutions. All of these can now be managed and controlled from mobile devices and is getting easier and easier to implement environmentally friendly solutions. Another angle on the topic of green technologies is going paperless. There are a lot of mobile solutions for digital documents signing and most importantly ideas on content digitalization that lead to reduced paper consumption.

3. Internet of things

Mobile technologies help you measure and manage your production remotely from your mobile devices. For example, now you can easily connect your vineyard sensors with your server and make an analysis and prediction for quality. Now you can have a digital dashboard right on your mobile device for anything far far away in the real world.

And the least but not the last – public transport workers of Barcelona went on strike right on the time when the congress started.  It caused some complications, people had to wait in queues for shuttle buses and even to walk for a couple of kilometres, but it couldn’t kill the spirit! And we actually want to take the chance to recommend Beekeeper to the Transport operator of Barcelona to boost workers’ engagement and avoid strikes next time 🙂

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