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Modernizing Internal Processes for the New Normal in Retail

modernizing retail with Beekeeper

The retail industry is among those most impacted by the societal changes the pandemic has created. Retailers have been catapulted into an era that’s heavily reliant upon online shopping and curbside pickup. Under the current circumstances, up to 64% of consumers have reported that they don’t feel comfortable engaging in routine activities outside of the home, and they expect their COVID-related shopping habits will likely outlast the pandemic itself.

For retailers, these ripple effects in consumer behavior have exacerbated existing challenges in the industry. To address these issues and prepare for the new normal, streamlining effective operations and communication across employees will be critical.

In the long term, an informed and confident employee will be better equipped to sell products and deliver quality customer service, especially with most consumers doing research online before walking into a store. By empowering new employees with knowledge at the outset, retailers can ensure their teams are better prepared to navigate the ongoing changes the post-COVID transition will bring.

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