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Mobile World Congress 2015: The top 3 Trends for Enterprise Mobility

By any standard, 2015 was a banner year for the world’s largest and most important mobile show. Over 90,000 attendees and roughly 1,900 exhibitors participated in this year’s Mobile World Congress, all vying to make their mark. Enterprise mobility took center stage this year: the exhibition floor was filled with mobile, social, cloud, analytics and machine-to-machine services all aimed at transitioning global multinationals into innovative digital businesses.

The Mobile World Congress is an amazing yet often overwhelming place to be: that’s why we’ve compiled a short list with the three most exciting trends and take-aways for enterprise SaaS solutions from MWC 2015.

Tend #1: Mobile First Enterprise Communication

The mobile communications revolution is reshaping how enterprises communicate internally as well as externally. IBM showcased its MobileFirst solution. On one hand, they presented case studies for how mobile customer initiatives can increase satisfaction, loyalty and revenue. On other hand, they introduced their MobileFirst for iOS solutions, confirming what we’ve known from our customers all along: That great mobile solutions can heavily improve employee productivity.

Trend #2: Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage

Businesses now have access to previously unknown data and can use this to gain greater insight into how, where and why their products are being used. It is no longer “I wonder” or “If only we knew,” it is “I know and I can measure”. An example for this is Dynamic Buy-buyer, a retail inventory management app that combines both purchasing and stocking into one streamlined solution. The app is also designed to let buyers know when they are getting a good deal on purchases done outside of the standard buying cycle.

Trend #3: Software that Learns as You Use It

An exciting trend we see on the horizon for enterprise technology is the use of software that learns and adapts as humans use it. Being able to successfully manage and get the best from human talent and intelligent technology will be the key to gaining real value from the workforce of the future.

These trends from the recent 2015 Mobile World Congress show us how far the smartphone revolution has taken us. We’re excited to be on the cutting-edge of this revolution, and can’t wait to discover what’s beyond the horizon at MWC 2016!

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