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Let Freedom Ring With Internal Communications Tools

In the spirit of celebrating America’s independence, we thought it would only be fitting to write about something so monumental to all of us—freedom. This liberty is important on a personal level, as well as in the workplace, and can be fortified with a strong foundation of communication tools. So why not let freedom ring with internal communication tools?

How can internal communication tools possibly relate to more freedom in the workplace? We’re glad you asked!

Freedom to do other tasks

Easily accessible and searchable information is imperative in the business world, yet many companies don’t have an effective internal communication strategy in place. 19.8% of business time, the equivalent of one work day, is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively.

Traditional employee survey methods, such as written questionnaires, are onerous and far too time-consuming. With certain communication platforms, you can set up and distribute company news, critical documents, and real-time surveys on an enterprise scale in just a few minutes.

Imagine how much faster everyone could get their work done if they could focus less on searching and more on completing the tasks at hand. By utilizing an efficient internal communication platform, your team will have the freedom to get tasks done in a timely manner and enjoy their roles that much more.

Freedom to express yourself

Corporate communication doesn’t have to be all work and no play. As long as you establish fair play rules (e.g. how much time can be allocated for social streams), employee apps can also be used to highlight individual skills and personalities. Are you an expert at making towel animals or a feng shui master?

One member of our Beekeeper team solves a Rubik’s cube at least twice a day in the office as a way to unwind. Why not share your talents and interests with your colleagues to break up the mundane workday?

According to a 2017 employee engagement report, only 24% of workers feel connected to their peers, which is 11% lower than last year. Employee happiness is an invisible force directly related to engagement and perpetuates a powerful corporate culture. Giving coworkers freedom to express themselves leads to strong morale, a boost in overall happiness, and increased productivity.

Freedom to connect management and employees

Only 25% of employees feel management is very transparent which does not bode well for effective communication. Staff members often view executives as unreachable and therefore don’t feel a connection with them.

This doesn’t promote a culture of teamwork and openness. A disconnected vs. connected work environment is the difference between a place coworkers are required to be and a place they want to be.

With a great internal communication tools in place, you can close the gap between workers and upper management. Everyone can stay connected by sharing company news, updates, stories, ideas, and even hold contests to unite the entire organization.

Operationally, you can integrate the right communication platform with your existing systems to create a secure, streamlined workflow. Open communication channels will help keep everyone aligned with company goals and allow for faster, smarter, and more productive workdays.

Freedom to access information anywhere – ring of communication

If your company has a mobile communication strategy, you have even more freedom in the workplace. Gone are the days of being chained to a desk—mobile allows you to work anywhere with a ring of communication.

Discover how Beekeeper can help you improve communication on your team!

Whether you’re working from the office, at home, or on the beach in Mexico, the information you need is always at your fingertips. This freedom instills a sense of comfort knowing you’re always connected no matter the circumstance.

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