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How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive with Your Non-Desk Workers

The holiday season is the happiest time of year, right? Well, for many employees it can be the most stressful time of year. The pressure to meet year-end goals combined with all the shopping and family time could make the most resilient worker overwhelmed. Last year we gave you some ways to keep your employees engaged during the holidays. This year we’ve put together some great ways you can keep your non-desk workers in the holiday spirit, no matter how hectic things get.

Be Straightforward and Proactive About Time Off

Holiday stress statistics show up to 69 percent of employees are stressed by a lack of time. It’s easy to understand with all of the travel, family events, parties, and shopping that comes along with the holidays. By setting up a holiday schedule well in advance with all your staff, you can avoid some of the stress and unhappiness that comes with employees not getting requested time off.

Establish a system for requesting time off, including popular dates and who gets first dibs. If your employees know your expectations, they’ll be less likely to be bummed out during the holidays.

Recognize Your Employees’ Accomplishments Before the Holidays

A study by Glassdoor showed four out of five employees said they’d be motivated to work harder when if their bosses showed they care. But there’s still a disconnect with management, because the Wall Street Journal found many bosses are afraid their employees will take advantage if they show too much appreciation.

By showing your appreciation for your employees before the holiday rush, they’ll be more inclined to go the extra miles when necessary. Even simple things like thank you cards, congratulatory messages, and small gifts can make a big difference in the happiness of your workers during the holidays.

Revisit the Reason for the Season

Too often gift giving obscures the real reason for the holidays — giving to the less fortunate. Employers might think their employees feel the same, but a recent survey by America’s Charities found that 68 percent of respondents looked to their employers for volunteer and giving opportunities.

Start a holiday gift, food, or clothing drive and make it a competition among your teams. You can also organize a trip to volunteer a local nonprofit or soup kitchen. Your employees will feel great that they gave to others as representatives of your company and inspire them to do amazing work during the holidays.

Instead of acting like the holidays are business as usual, embrace them and build it into the culture of your company. Your employees will appreciate it and be more willing to go the extra mile during a season that often calls for it.

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