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It’s Not You. . . It’s Your Tech That’s the Problem: How to Create the Ultimate Operations Management Strategy for Frontline Employees

One of the biggest operational challenges faced by companies with a large percentage of frontline workers is high turnover rates. When your workplace becomes a revolving door of new staff members, your bottom line starts to struggle. Constantly having to recruit and train new employees gets expensive. Very expensive.

There are a number of reasons why turnover rates are so high among frontline workers. Here are just a few.

  • Millennials tend to switch jobs at a faster pace than their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors
  • Frontline employees have a lot of options when it comes to where they want to work
  • There’s a frontline labor shortage
  • Frontline employees are not being properly engaged in the workplace

While these reasons alone are more than enough to cause notoriously high turnover rates in frontline industries, there’s actually another reason that could be contributing to employee churn that you may not have thought of yet — your workplace tech (or lack thereof).

Build a Digital Workplace to Retain Your Frontline Employees

This may come as a surprise, but the subpar outcomes of poor workplace technology (or lack of technology) could actually be a big reason why your best employees aren’t sticking around.

To become the ultimate operations manager you were meant to be, your frontline employees need a way to feel connected, informed, and engaged in the workplace.

All too often, eager frontline team members show up bright eyed and bushy tailed on their first day, only to be given a hand-me-down uniform and thrown out onto the floor with little to no training. For many frontline workers, this is their onboarding experience. Not very welcoming!

By providing your frontline employees with the workplace technology they need to feel part of the broader company culture, they’ll become more invested in their work, and more likely to stay with your company.

Employees are 450% MORE LIKELY to leave a company that has subpar workplace technology.

Bad software can sometimes drive away good workers faster than a neon, polyester uniform in the summertime. An old, clunky legacy system that’s difficult to use is like nails on a chalkboard for your team. It’s a slow, agonizing irritation that eventually crescendos into an “I can’t take it anymore” moment.

The technology you provide to your team sends a message to them about where they stand in the grand scheme of the company’s priorities. Show your team that they matter with a beautiful digital workplace tool built just for them that will make them feel important, and empowered.

Give your team a communication platform that has a clean, simple UI and passwordless, QR code onboarding for easy access. Before you know it, your frontline employees will actually look forward to coming to work every day. Morale will improve and productivity will skyrocket. And you will be the operations hero who made it all possible.

Is it time to reevaluate your tech stack? How does your company stack up against the competition when it comes to workplace technology?

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How to Optimize Your Operations Through Improving the Employee Experience

Operations management is the backbone of your business. As a former Operations Manager myself, I know how crucial it is to get your team working together efficiently. Dreaming up new ways to streamline workflows, improve internal processes, and increase overall productivity is always top of mind for the savvy operations manager.

Connecting your distributed workforce and improving team communication through an operational communications platform is a sure-fire way to make sure your team runs like clockwork. Make sure your internal communication is on point to avoid costly mistakes.

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Miscommunication costs companies $37 BILLION A YEAR

Don’t let your business hemorrhage money because of poor communication on your team. Build a digital workplace for your frontline employees to stay connected, informed, and empowered.

Operations Management for Frontline Industries

Only 1% of total digital workplace spending is invested into the world’s 2.7 billion distributed workers. Because of this, only 13% of the worldwide workforce feels engaged at work (compared to 35% of their desk-based counterparts).

Your frontline employees have unique communication challenges that require an innovative operations-focused communication solution. It’s time to elevate your operations game with a mobile-first communications strategy.

Ready to become the ultimate operations manager for your frontline teams? Download “The Ultimate Operations Management Strategy for Distributed Workforces” below.