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Introducing the Beekeeper Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy Communication Software Your Team Will Love

Shopping for a new software vendor can feel a lot like shopping for a new car. At first it’s exciting. You get to explore different options, weigh the pros and cons of each decision, and set up meetings to test drive different options. You think to yourself, “This isn’t so bad. I just do some homework, sit through some demos, and pick the one I like the best, right?”


The Complicated Nature of Purchasing Team Communication Software

If only shopping for enterprise-level communication software were so simple. In reality, choosing a new software provider is more like this: talk to all your stakeholders and nail down the specifics of what your team needs. Then, two weeks into the process, you get a call from Gary over in R&D who doesn’t understand why nobody asked him for his opinion. Will Gary ever use this software? No. Does Gary need to be involved? Apparently yes.

After you begrudgingly loop in Gary so he doesn’t feel left out, you get cc’d on an email that says the budget for your new software has been cut by 15%. OK, you can live with that. Except then Rob (probably a friend of Gary’s) gets wind of the endeavor and now he wants new team communication software for his team too. And he also wants to sit in on every demo call even though he’s about to go on vacation for two weeks. Thanks a lot, Gary.

Shopping for company software is a lot like shopping for a car. If the car was going to be driven by 20 different people who want a Rolls Royce on a Honda Civic budget.

Beekeeper Buyer’s Guide to the Rescue!

Bee a hero

With all the internal drama you have to deal with, the last thing you need is a sleazy used car salesperson trying to pressure you into pulling the trigger prematurely.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we created the very first Beekeeper Buyer’s Guide.

Our Buyer’s Guide will walk you through the entire sales process upfront. No surprises. No hard sell. No endless win-back emails for you to fend off for the next three years. Just clear, useful information to help you make this very stressful, very important decision easier.

Here are some key questions our Buyer’s Guide can answer for you:

  • Who is Beekeeper made for?
  • Who buys Beekeeper?
  • How do I convince my stakeholders that we need this?
  • How long is the buying cycle?
  • How much effort does it take to implement?

By the way, we’ll even help you deal with Gary AND his friend Rob. That’s why we’ve even included an entire section about how to rally your stakeholders and get your executives on board. We understand that navigating the murky waters of office politics when making a new investment in your team is tricky. But don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Overview of the Beekeeper buying process

Five simple steps will get you up and running with the #1 operational communications platform for frontline teams.

Beekeeper Buying Process

Implementation Process for Beekeeper

If you decide that Beekeeper is right for you, the implementation process is a breeze. Our rockstar Customer Success Team will step in and make sure that your entire team adopts (and loves) Beekeeper.

Beekeeper Implementation Process

At Beekeeper, we’re known for our stellar customer support. With us, exceptional service starts from the moment you fill out a “Contact Us” form. Your goals are our goals. Your mission is our mission. Your team’s success is our team’s number one priority. All day. Every day.

Ready to download your very own copy of the Beekeeper Buyer’s Guide? Just fill out the form below and get all the info you need to choose the right communication software for your team. Like a boss.