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Pablo Posts: Internal Communication Down Under – What Australia Has Taught Us in 2016

Internal communication is continually evolving and it adapts itself to the context, the people, and the organizations around the world. Today, many factors like cutting-edge technology and a more inclusive personnel approach are helping to set the rules that allow for more effective internal communication. HR managers across the world are adapting to this new context and exploring advanced ways to communicate internally and Australia is not the exception.

Pablo González is the head salesperson for Beekeeper in Australia. In his series of posts Pablo usually shares his insights and answers the most important questions clients ask him.

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During 2016, we explored a very distinct market of the world, Australia. We identified some key trends in the southern hemisphere that we believe cross the equator and resonate elsewhere. Take a look at these three lessons from down under:

  1. Employee Engagement is Crucial. According to Employment Hero, better employee engagement is considered one of this year’s HR tech trends in Australia. A clear indicator of this trend in Australia is the first dedicated employee engagement conference and awards held in Sydney last November.
  2. The Bottom-Up Approach The HR Trend Institute lists peer-to-peer communication as an internal communication top trend. Top-down communication is becoming obsolete and diverse organizations are exploring a bottom-up approach to gather ideas and spark creativity in the front line. A clear example of this kind of approach in Australia, is the so-called ‘Your SAy’ program, designed to give people a voice in the public decision-making process.
  3. Mobile. I might reveal a little naivety saying that communication is going mobile, but I would like to emphasize on the fact that while in our personal lives communication is done using a mobile device practically every time we communicate with others, on a professional basis we haven’t been able to migrate our messages to mobile platforms. Ricoh Australia says that one of the steps to survive in a mobile world is to adapt your company to suit the mobile workforce because “people expect to be able to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners from anywhere, at any time”. This makes a lot of sense if we see the statistics in Australia where, according to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of adults owning a smartphone (77%) is higher than the US (72%) and some European countries like the UK (68%), Germany (60%) or France (49%).

At Beekeeper, we are aligned with these trends and have designed a mobile communication platform to engage your workforce and to provide them with a tool to have a voice and to provide instant feedback. Do you think I missed an internal communication trend in Australia? Let me know if you agree with me or if you think we should talk about something else.

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