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“Imagine yourself working in a hotel” – The Things We’ve Discussed With Angela Merkel at CeBIT

CeBIT Germany is the largest IT conference in the world,  held yearly in Hanover. It’s main focus is innovation and digital technologies. It is quite a broad topic, but after exploring the event for a while we realized that there’s some bias towards enterprises and to be specific: industrial sector and manufacturing – the key areas for the German economy. And we discuss it with Angela Merkel.

Switzerland – the partner country of CeBIT Germany

This year Switzerland is the partner country of the expo and there were a few events and presentations with top political leaders highlighting the achievements and innovative ideas of Swiss companies and the role of collaboration between Swiss and German companies in the growth of the entire German speaking region in Europe.

The biggest event on Tuesday was the visit of the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel and the President of Switzerland, Johann Schneider-Ammann to the Swiss pavilion. They visited a few bigger players from the Swiss market including Post, ETH and Six group. At the same time ICT Switzerland organized a presentation for three selected younger Swiss companies with the most innovative ideas to present their solutions to the Chancellor and the President. These three included: Nexiot,logistics tracking system; Beekeeper, internal communication tool for companies with large share of non-desktop employees; and Wingtra, the new generation of drones that can help improve diagnostics of pipes. As you can see, all three topics were extremely relevant for the German economy, the Chancellor approved the lists of the companies presenting in advance.

“Imagine yourself working in a hotel”

Andreas Slotosch, VP Marketing & Partner Beekeeper, started his presentation addressing the key challenges of our end users: “Chancellor, imagine you decided to change your career path and start working in a hotel”. The Chancellor looked surprised, but nodded with understanding look. The main challenge of the service and manufacturing industries is that there’s no way to reach the people out in the field. In affects efficiency and increases a company’s costs. Not to forget about low engagement. In the XXI century companies are still using pinboards to communicate with their employees…

And then Andreas presented our solution – the smart mobile communication tool that brings non-desktop employees to the digital age. We help connect everyone in a company and create a transparent communication environment where you can boost a feeling of one team.

The Chancellor and the President looked interested and a few newspaper also found the presentation disruptive and challenging.

If you want to see the full presentation, you can do it here. The Beekeeper’s part starts at 17:57s.

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