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“Autonomy, mastery, purpose” – HRO Today Forum in Amsterdam

“The war for talent is over, talent won!” Elliot Clark (SharedXpertise, Publisher HRO Today Global, SharedXpertise)

In this post we collect the key highlights, ideas and thoughts from the HRO Today Forum in Amsterdam.

14.30 Daniel Sztutwojner (VP of Business Development Beekeeper) participated in the panel discussion “Top Technology Disruptors” and in the table discussions after.

The discussions were focused on leadership, company culture, trust and engagement. Here are the key takeaways:

– Using social media type of communication to connect your organization becomes a trend
– Open culture is being driven by leadership team
– Mobile is essential. Companies encourage BYOD policy
– Reward recognition drives engagement
– Communication needs to be organized by interests
– Communication has to be open & transparent. Monitoring is ok to understand the interest of the employees, but it should not be limiting. It should not discourage them from communicating

13.30 Unsurprisingly employee engagement is one of the most discussed topics at the Forum. Johnny Campbell (CEO Social Talent) hosts a very interesting and vibrant talk on what motivates employees.

– “Culture is the single most important lever for employee engagement”.
– What is employee engagement? – Emotional commitment and use of discretionary effort.
– Autonomy, mastery, purpose – the answer to what motivates employees.
– Part of autonomy is to use the devices employees want (read more on the Bring Your Own Device policy). Autonomy is freedom to make decisions about workday, workplace and how work gets done.It’s a democratisation of your own organization.
– They key to success is to open up, let ideas communicate, give everyone a voice
– Johnny presented the case study of Alcoa, who introduced email for safety communication long time before anyone else. We found this case especially inspiring because it really resonates with what Beekeeper is doing now with mobile internal communication.

9.30The Forum has just kicked off with a panel discussion with top HR executives. The key focus points are talent management, HR systems and technologies.

– Julie Sharp (Head of Group HR, Bank of Ireland) emphasised the importance of treating people like adults. This resonates with Sir Richard Branson’s talk at the HR Tech Congress in Paris.
– Cloud technologies is now a big thing in the world of HR tech. Cloud is the way to go, a hybrid model makes sense – Julie Sharp.
– Ms. Joanne Marshall (Director of HR & OD, University of Bradford) talked about communication with millennials. The main idea is that is has to be personalized, agile and flexible. Millennials want to make an impact and they want to be aligned with the values and goals of the company: Corporate Social Responsibility
– HR systems need to be agile, cover business needs, so make sure you have the buy in from the different divisions that will use the system, but above all the new systems need to be able to communicate with other systems already in place (i.e. Integrations)
– Mr. Sherif Hanna (Chief People & Compliance Officer, Mobinil) reminded of the importance of focusing on the human aspects of driving the workforce agenda. We need to be digital but human at the same time.

We’re very excited that this year the Beekeeper app is the official communication platform of the Forum. Get in touch with us to find out more about Beekeeper – communication tool for teams, and we’ll be more than happy to show you how you can use it to engage employees in your company.

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