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Recognition, Analytics and Collaboration – HR Tech World in Paris, Day 2

The congress came to an end and Day 2 highlighted a lot of new vibrant questions related to HR, however the main focus remained on employee engagement. Many companies brought up interesting topics for discussion related to this theme, and some offered their solutions for improving overall employee engagement within companies. The top 3 keywords which resonated the strongest were: recognition, analytics and collaboration.


“Some of the greatest things in the world were not done for monetary reasons” – Peter Newhouse (Global Head of Reward Unilever). Today many speakers came up with an insight that now it’s not about the money, it’s all about recognition and sense of purpose. 78% of employees would work harder if they were recognized said Julie Sargent (Head of Product Innovation Labs Globoforce).

One of the most inspiring talks on that was the presentation from Shingy (David Shing – AOL’s Digital Prophet). Here are some nice highlights from it:

– Attention is the new currency
– Employee happiness comes from contribution and recognition
– Let them geek out, don’t be a robot
– We’re in the business of humans – that must be our focus
– If you obey all the rules, you miss the fun


Despite the popularity of the call to focus on people, analytics was also a key trend of the congress. David Wilson (Founder & Managing Director Fosway Group) emphasised the importance of measurement and consistency in HR. The research data shows that improving employee performance is a goal for 20% of HR teams when measuring employee performance is a priority for less than 10%. The other problem is that centralised HR is not a dominant operating model in Europe and it’s quite hard to achieve consistency. “85% view analytics as key BECAUSE it should help make HR a better and more strategic business partner, but 90% feel they have a skills gap in HR in being able to interpret and use the data generated by analytics”.

Therefore the top 5 levers for future success of European HR operations:

1. High quality Data and Analytics
2. Quality HR systems
3. Next gen technologies
4. Integration of HR and Business systems
5. HR influencing skills

The highest level of consistency of the HR tech are found in:
– Performance management
– Core HR

Least consistency in HR Tech:

– Onboarding
– Collaboration & Social
– Workforce planning & organisational design
– Analytics
– Succession planning

Employee engagement is the leading measure of success for HR strategy 2015 – 2016.


Now when flexible and remote working is a wide-spread trend many companies face the challenge of keeping the feeling of team spirit alive despite the distance. Not to forget about the non-desktop, hourly and field employees who do the hard job but are far from the company office life. Building collaborative communities with the help of mobile technology helps to address this challenge and improve engagement significantly.

Susanne Sugimoto (Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Holcim) presented the business case of building a collaborative community during the merger. Holcim and Lafarge announced the merger in 2014 and Holcim was looking for the best platform to manage change communication with both office and field employees. They implemented Beekeeper to keep employees up to date and to engage them with the new brand. Once the merger took place in July 2015, they decided to continue using the platform to keep up engagement as people were posting and communicating very actively (e.g. employees sharing the videos with their expectations on the merge). Susanne even introduced the new internal concept – “beekeep it” which refers to posting in the platform.

Daniel Sztutwojner (Head of Business Development Beekeeper) hosted a presentation on the key challenges of communicating with remote workers. There is a gap between the way companies communicate and employees communicate. Specially those without access to email or to a desktop are using alternative channels from their private lives such as Whatsapp in order to communicate in real time so they can make business decisions faster. This of course represents a risk for organizations. As a solution Daniel introduced Beekeeper – mobile communication tool for teams. It’s intuitive, modern and secure for business.

Missed the event but would love to hear more about the secure solution for reaching and engaging everyone in your organization? Get in touch with us to find out more about Beekeeper – communication tool for teams, and we’ll be more than happy to show you how you can engage your employees on any device and get real-time analytics.

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