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How to Make Your New Employees Feel At Home Right Away

According to a survey by Allied Workforce Mobility, companies lose a quarter of all new employees within a year. Even worse, those lost employees can cost a company upwards of $65,000 to replace.

So how do you prevent employees from leaving so soon after you hire them? The answer lies in how you onboard them, with research showing that the first 90 days after an employee is hired to be the most essential to their long-term relationship with their employer.

Noah Brier, the co-founder of marketing startup Percolate, has found for employees, “your first week at a company has an outsized impact on how you feel about the organization, how you get yourself ramped up and how effective you will be,” he says. “It’s the foundation of your experience, capacity and emotional connection at work.” Here are a few effective ways you can make your employees feel right at home—right away.

1. Get it All on (Digital) Paper

Emily Burns, who works in human resources for Ruan Transportation Systems, realized new employees weren’t ready for their first day on the job because their onboarding process wasn’t memorialized properly.

So she created a checklist that all managers had to complete to make sure new hires were made to feel at home their first day on the job. As a result, there is a list of tasks that starts two weeks before a new hire’s first day and ends six months into their new gig. As a result, turnover at the company decreased and employees were able to start contributing to their teams on day one.

2. The Buddy System Still Works

Think about the feelings you had as a kid walking into the first day of school. That’s how your new employees still feel walking into their first day of work. To alleviate the stress of that anxious first day, create an organization collage with your employees’ photo and title so that they can become familiar with their co-worker’s faces before they even walk in the door.

Even better, assign your new employees a mentor or buddy to shadow them on their first day and make sure that they’re taken care of. This can include going out to lunch, bringing them into meetings, and meeting the executive team as well.

3. Make Onboarding Social

As soon as possible, give your newly hired employees access to your internal communication tools so they can be introduced to their new co-workers and get a sense of the current projects and culture of your company. Mobile internal communications apps like Beekeeper allow employees to get up to speed instantly on how your company interacts socially and what the day-to-day atmosphere is like, even before their first day.

The first ninety days are essential to an employee staying long-term with your company. By making their 90th day as welcoming as the first you can keep your turnover rate down and your employees engaged with your company’s mission. Over time, a welcoming onboarding process creates a continuous loop that nurtures the most important asset of your company—your people.

It’s time to focus on your employees from the second they walk into the company. Submit the form below to find out more about Beekeeper – the communication tool for teams that helps you reach and connect everyone.

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