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How to Increase Employee Engagement and Improve Retention

Employee engagement is one of the most important metrics that businesses can track. Employee engagement determines employee retention, which can contribute or detract significantly from the bottom line because hiring is expensive and new employees aren’t as productive as more experienced employees.

Companies that are wondering how to improve retention need to develop and sustain effective employee engagement programs which keep their current base of personnel satisfied and productive. The goal of most employee engagement programs is to create a workplace where employee connection is prioritized. To do this, companies are increasingly turning to digital employee engagement platforms like Beekeeper to implement this vision.

Digital employee engagement platforms facilitate two-way communication opportunities between leadership and frontline employees for encouragement and recognition, interaction through posting, liking and commenting on visual highlights of the work day, and streamlined group or peer-to-peer messaging.

Engaging Employees in the Workplace

Making your workplace engaging as well as productive isn’t expensive like many believe. And the best part is that getting better engagement with an employee engagement program is easy because employees already want to feel valued and part of a team.

There are many ways to shape an engaged and effective workplace through employee engagement programs. Boosting employee engagement could be as simple as offering a reward program for high performers or recognizing those who consistently give their all to help their team.

Often, the ingredients for cultivating a happy staff is a result of high employee engagement as much as it might be the result of an employee engagement platform. Positive attitudes are contagious and, when modeled by staff, encourages the rest of the team to join in. Making a small change like offering employees spotlight biographies on a rotating schedule, for example, can make a big impact when it comes to improving employee engagement.

Fostering strong bonds between employees and their teammates is also a surefire solution to the issue of how to improve retention. With Beekeeper’s employee survey features, managers can quickly and easily poll employees for their input on the next employee engagement event, such as time, date, and type of activity, without having to reach out individually to each co-worker. Likewise, an employee could post to find last-minute shift coverage through the employee app, instantly notifying the entire team with one click.

Employee Engagement Ideas

Strong work communities are critical for improving employee engagement. Employee engagement with teammates fosters a sense of community, so teams should get the chance to connect with each other as frequently as possible in a positive context. Giving teams ways to support and acknowledge each other throughout your company, with a team communications platform, for example, is one strategy for increasing employee engagement.

FRHI, a leading multi-hotel brand management company, uses Beekeeper to connect 45,000 frontline employees across hospitality departments around the world. With their Beekeeper white-label employee app, FRHI created a centralized digital platform to showcase and share team news, ideas, and achievements.

Engaged employees don’t want to let their teammates down, and teams that communicate well and often will feel more informed, perform better, and stay at the company. This helps lower the turnover rate at your company, the financial losses of which can be substantial, totaling approximately one-third of a worker’s annual salary, not to mention the impact on workplace morale and culture.

Employee Engagement Programs Motivate Employees To Be Company Champions

Companies wondering how to improve retention should look for ways to get employees to buy into the success of the company. The more invested in the company’s success employees are, the more likely they are to be a vocal and visible champion when the company experiences success.

Feeling part of something bigger creates a sense of purpose, resulting in higher employee engagement. One way to motivate employees to be company champions is through effective storytelling. With a clear, compelling narrative about what the company does, and how the company does it, employees are incentivized to “own” your brand’s messaging, crucial buy-in that can lead to voluntarily sharing your company’s story. Offering an employee referral program is another way to encourage employees to be valuable ambassadors for your brand, and essential assets in the recruitment process.

Invest in Workplace Culture

The issue of how to increase employee engagement is a matter of building a company where employees want to work. Employees need to find their work meaningful, be supported and inspired by their colleagues, and find the rest of the company’s community much like a second home.

While it won’t happen overnight, a great employee engagement platform can help implement employee engagement programs, build better internal communications, and make expensive turnover an issue of the past.

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