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How to Create Valuable Digital Signage Content for Your Employees

Digital signage content is extremely useful for any hotel to keep employees in the digital workforce informed and operations running smoothly. It’s typically looped on TV’s in hotels’ break rooms and cafeterias where it can be easily viewed by every employee. It’s an effective way to share company updates, best practices, new protocols, safety alerts, colleague recognition—the use cases are endless. However, it is regularly outdated or irrelevant, and therefore ignored.

Digital signage content is important for attaining organizational alignment with unified communications, but how do you craft content your digital workforce will want to pay attention to? We’ve explored how to create valuable digital signage content for your hotel employees.

How to create digital signage – Ask questions and set goals:

Your current digital signage content may be a confusing mixture of materials that were thrown together without much strategy behind it. To get your employees reading it, you should start by asking them what they want to see. The purpose of digital signage is to provide them with useful information to perform their jobs at the highest level, and getting answers directly from the source will help do just that. Collecting this feedback may seem daunting, but it is quite simple with modern technology. You can use employee survey chatbots to produce and distribute surveys and get feedback in a matter of minutes on how to create digital signage.

Ask questions to pinpoint employee pains and what content would benefit them. Once you get feedback, you can identify key objectives you want to accomplish with your digital signage content.

Example objectives include:

  1. Increase safety
  2. Promote hotel offerings to increase revenue
  3. Improve internal communications
  4. Share daily updates
  5. Keep everyone updated with best practices information
  6. Strengthen brand awareness

Define your audiences for digital signage content:

The golden rule for creating great content is to know your audience for digital signage content. If you’re not fluent in the same language (figuratively speaking), your message won’t get across or simply won’t get read. First, distinguish every type of employee you need to reach: maid service, kitchen staff, front desk, bell staff, management, etc. Next, identify where each team spends most of their off-time at the hotel. For example, your maid staff may spend more time in one break room, while your kitchen staff spends more time in another.

Produce content based on audiences

Now that you know your audiences and where they spend their time, it’s time to start planning what content is important to push on which screens. This is where intel from the first section comes in. Use employee feedback to start drafting your content strategy. If your wait staff mentioned they aren’t alerted of menu changes, add content that describes new menu items. If maintenance says new requirements aren’t communicated well, explain them on displays or direct them to where the requirements are located.

Additional content ideas:

  • Sales promotions
  • Training/best practices
  • Weather updates
  • Occupancy rates
  • Calendar and events schedules
  • Emergency messages
  • Employee recognition
  • Team images
  • Get creative!

Adopt an easy-to-use content management system:

Hotel staff is busy focusing on operations and guest satisfaction, so digital signage content is often left by the wayside. The same content remains on a loop that quickly gets monotonous and outdated. Understandably so considering updating content can be very time-consuming and includes a lot of preparation. However, ignoring digital signage content is a wasted opportunity since it has significant potential to effectively inform and engage your employees. And, I’m happy to report there is a simple solution to refreshing your content efficiently and consistently!

With a team communication app like Beekeeper, you can quickly create and stream selected posts or specific communication channels from your internal communications app on digital signage displays anywhere. The content is directly imported from these streams into our team communication app and you can choose which content you want to highlight using our slideshow feature. And most importantly—you can manage all the content on each screen from one device. After all, internal communication is the new marketing!

Reap the benefits:

By accomplishing these steps, you’ll start pushing content your digital workforce actually wants to see, improve brand awareness, engagement, and internal communication, and be able to generate/update content that is much easier to manage. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t leverage unified communications with the Beekeeper team communication app sooner!

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