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How to Calm the Chaos During a Hotel Busy Season

If your hotel is located in a warm weather hotspot like Cancun, or a ski bum’s paradise in the Swiss Alps, you know how crazy hotel busy seasons can get. Once people begin to travel again after the pandemic subsides, companies will once again see those peak seasons in full swing.

Many hotels make or break their entire year in one hectic quarter, so management and staff alike are under heavy pressure to deliver the same service guests receive during quieter periods. Here are a few ways you can keep your hotel’s head on straight and provide amazing hospitality for your guests.

1. Increase Efficiency with Improved Guest Communication

Hotel guests are coming to expect more and more communication to take place via their mobile phones today. During peak times, you can use mobile tech to not only personalize your guests’ experience but also increase staff efficiency.

For example, hotels like the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba enables guests to check in online in advance of their arrival. Even more, hotels allowing guests to text during their stay for anything from late check-out to extra towels for their room. This is a win-win for both staff and guests, allowing for more efficient service, while free up staff for other guest interactions.

2. Ensure Open Communication Between Staff

During your busy season, it is essential that your sales and operations staff are constantly communicating, or things can quickly get out of hand. We’ve written about hotel staff communication previously on the Beekeeper blog, and believe that embracing enterprise messaging is an effective solution. Busy periods leave no room for miscommunication, so providing your staff with the right tools is essential for seamless, efficient communication between all departments.

3. Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail

Use the slow periods before your peak season to iterate and improve your communications best practices. This way, when the rush comes there will be few surprises and all guests will see is a beautifully run hotel. If the world’s largest resort, the Venetian in Las Vegas, can run what amounts to a small city with over 50,000 visitors a day, effective internal communications is definitely within reach for your staff. Travis Lunn, a general manager at the Venetian says, “One of the key things in running a resort of this size is communication,” he says, “really making sure one department is speaking to the next.”

For hotels that rake in the revenue during peak seasons, operations must run like a well-oiled machine. Small issues can become big problems very quickly, so preparing your staff and adjusting your booking policies for the oncoming rush is essential for quality hospitality. If done right, your guests will come and go wondering when your busy season actually is, because everything during their stay was just right.

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