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3 Ways Group Messaging Can Increase Employee Productivity

Today we are so tethered to our mobile devices that 84% of us say we couldn’t go a day without them. With more than six billion mobile devices around the world, our dependence on our phones doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon.

It should come as no surprise that group messaging has become one of the most popular ways to communicate, especially among millennials. For any company looking to increase productivity, upgrading your internal communication methods with mobile enterprise messaging has become a no-brainer. Long gone are the days when phones are stowed away and not to be used on the job. Here’s how your company can use secure group messaging to increase your employee’s productivity.

1. Everyday Communication for the 21st Century:

Routine tasks like taking inventory, maintenance, and paperwork can move from verbal communication and the two-way radio to group feeds. The ADP Research Institute has found 42% of today’s workers already use mobile communications for everyday work tasks.

If you aren’t giving your employees this option with a secure enterprise messaging app, they’re probably already doing it using text messaging. For things like company announcements, shift changes, and daily or weekly updates, your teams can stay on the ball with Beekeeper’s secure group messaging app.

2. Asked and Answered

Everyone hates the team email chain that never stops pinging their inbox. Even worse is asking multiple people a question without getting an answer.

With group messaging and segmented feeds, your workers can ask everyone on their team a question without interrupting the entire team or clogging up their inbox. Instead, whoever sees the question and has the answer first can help, while everyone else can chime in when they get to it. This kind of response time can increase productivity dramatically, where it typically takes 90 seconds with instant messaging for business rather than 90 minutes via email. And now that answer is captured in the business messaging app and can be revisited by the whole team. Now that’s accessing the hivemind of your organization with the best of the business messaging apps.

3. Responsiveness Your Customers Will Notice:

With group messaging, your teams can respond to uncertainty much faster than two-way radio or email. Staff questions get answered immediately through secure messaging, rather than waiting up to 90 minutes for a response. Guest requests are able to be fulfilled much faster when available team members are able to jump in and handle them through the Beekeeper business messaging app.

At the Grand Hyatt Doha, hotel staff have able to streamline their operations using Beekeeper secure group messaging, improving operational efficiency and customer service. In hospitality, speed and quality are keys for guests services. Group chat with the Beekeeper team communication app enables unforeseen events like a health emergency or room change request to be handled as quickly as possible.

The productivity results that forward thinking companies have seen with internal communications leveraging instant messaging for business have made them believers. According to the ADP Research Institute survey, 70 percent of companies believe that smart communications can improve employee productivity. Beekeeper’s group messaging allows your frontline and mobile workers to complete tasks and communicate with a speed that will show up both in the bottom line and on your customer’s faces.

It’s time to unleash the operational power of smart communications. Try a free demo of Beekeeper – the group messaging app for teams that helps you reach and connect everyone in your organization.

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