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How Beekeeper Will Work More Intelligently With Customers

After listening to customer feedback, we’ve decided to switch to a new product management tool called productboard.

productboard is a product excellence system that will help us consolidate insights, prioritize what to build, and share our progress and future plans with customers.

The idea is to to make it easier for customers to share their ideas with us and for us to share our future-facing Product Portal with them in return. The Product Portal shows highlights of our roadmap and gives more information on the scope of each upcoming feature. It will be accessible for our customers from within the Beekeeper Dashboard. productboard also supercharges our product management capabilities within Beekeeper, allowing us to understand our customers’ needs better and ultimately to innovate faster.

How is productboard different from our old tool?

In productboard, customers will be able to submit their ‘Insights’. Insights differ from feature requests in one key aspect: They communicate the “why,” not just the “what.” An example Insight might be something like this: “We find that old posts on busy streams get lost easily and are difficult for our employees to find again because they have to scroll through all the posts on the stream to locate them” instead of “We would like the ability to search on the mobile app.” This may seem like a small change, but it makes a huge difference.

When Insights are submitted via the “Submit Idea” button on the Portal or via a comment on any Portal item, our Product Managers (the people who make decisions on what to build and when) will group them with Insights from other customers.

This means we’ll be building valuable functions that work for everyone. It makes Beekeeper a much smarter product and allows us to provide real value to every single customer.

What happens to feature requests made before the switch to productboard?

Every feature request in our old tool has already been safely transferred to productboard and grouped with other insights from customers who have similar ideas. This gives your voice more weight and allows us to prioritize more effectively.

To date, we have already processed over 500 insights in productboard, of which some were originally submitted as feature requests in our old tool! Other Insights have already been gathered by Beekeeper employees from conversations with customers, prospects, and subject matter experts.

How will customers keep track of developments?

Customers will be able to keep track of what Beekeeper plans to release in the coming months by checking the Product Portal. Plus, they’ll be able to use the “Submit Idea” button on the Portal to add their Insights to the projects that we’re already working on.

We’re looking forward to working together with our customers more intelligently than ever! Request a free demo now.