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Globus Department Stores Empower Retail Workforce With Real-Time Messaging

Founded in 1907, Globus department stores is one of the most well-established retail department stores in Switzerland. Globus employs nearly 3,000 people across thirteen stores in all larger Swiss cities and earned an annual revenue of $910 million in 2015.

In 2014, Globus conducted a company-wide survey and identified significant challenges in their mobile workforce communications within their retail stores and between stores and headquarters. Key findings included:

  • Hard-to-reach mobile workforce: 90% of Globus employees lack a corporate email address. Retail employees work across locations, departments, and floors, without a fixed worksite or computer.
  • Inefficient operations management and communication: Information was shared via bulletin boards, requiring multiple new printouts per day. This practice wasn’t time or cost-effective and couldn’t provide insights into how many employees actually took notice of them.
  • Lack of two-way communication: Information was mostly communicated top-down. 90% of employees were unable to give valuable feedback directly to management.

The solution? Globus turned to a modern communications tool, a messaging app, to connect their mobile workforce to each other and to management.

Better Operations Management Improves Cross-Selling

Retail Screenshot MobileIn the larger Globus retail locations, clothing, perfume, and houseware departments are spread over different floors. Before Beekeeper, there was barely any exchange of information between floors. Sales staff was unaware of special offers or sales in other departments.

With Beekeeper, Globus’ entire mobile workforce now has access to current offers and the whole product catalog via their messaging app, which has increased cross-selling within the department stores. Employees post current offers directly in Beekeeper in order to inform employees in other departments of them in a timely manner.

Messaging App Replaces Bulletin Boards

Though 57% of retail workers still depend on paper schedules and notifications posted in break rooms, Globus’ messaging app has all but replaced bulletin boards. Moving operations management and communication online saves the Swiss retailer significant amounts of time, effort, and printing costs. Employees no longer need to find and walk to a bulletin board anymore; “they have [company information] in their pocket,” says Michael Gerber, Former Head of Communication and Knowledge at Globus.

Beekeeper simplifies how we exchange information and has improved our company culture. Employees can now communicate directly with all levels of management, and the whole company culture at Globus has become more inclusive for all employees.

–Michael Gerber, Former Head of Communication and Knowledge, Globus

Increase in Retail Customer Rewards Card Sign-Ups

Signing up retail customers to the Globus reward card allows the retailer to further personalize customer service and relationship management. Sales staff independently started sharing the number of new rewards cards sign-ups in Beekeeper, which led to a friendly competition between sales staff at different store locations. Having a digital tool has transformed the way Globus connects, engages, and celebrates their mobile workforce.

Looking for ways to better connect your retail workforce and improve operations management across your portfolio? Download the full Globus case study.