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How E&P Companies Can Increase Frontline Safety

2020 produced one of the most severe storm and wildfire seasons on record, with 25 separate U.S. disasters resulting in $1 billion in insurance claims each. With 2021 upon us, it’s critical to consider the hazards that field service workers will be asked to wade into before disasters strike.

Imagine a common scenario in which a field service worker encounters a piece of equipment that she hasn’t been fully trained on. Under normal circumstances, this scenario might lead to some delay and frustration. Add extreme weather to the mix, and the inability to use a piece of equipment could put her health and safety at risk. After all, information deficits on the front lines have dangerous consequences for field service workers who need updates and instructions they can’t get with a phone call.

With this in mind, shoring up frontline communication resources and practices this storm season (and those to follow) is critical for E&P companies. It’s time to make real progress on digital transformation efforts within the oil and gas industry, starting with frontline workers: the essential employees at the highest risk. Arming these workers with better, more centralized information can improve every task they do. And more importantly, it can help them put their safety first in any scenario.

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