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Congratulations to DPD Logistics for Winning the Golden Headset Award!

We’re excited to announce that Beekeeper customer DPD, a Swiss parcel company, won the coveted Golden Headset Award in the “employee focus” category!

Dedicated to connecting their workforce and delivering superior customer service, DPD rolled out Beekeeper’s communication app in February 2019. Just 10 months later, they were recognized for their commitment to their workforce with the Golden Headset Award. 

Marco Kaiser, Head of Marketing and Communications at DPD Switzerland and Director of the Beekeeper project, wanted to stay true to the DPD motto, “We connect people.”

Marco’s main goals were to:

  • Connect all employees
  • Improve operational processes
  • Promote knowledge sharing
  • Strength team spirit

According to DPD, “With our employee app, we connect people across locations and languages, share company news, conduct surveys, or share the latest photos from in- or outside work.”

That dedication to their team has paid off. Congrats, DPD!

Exchanging Information and Recognition

DPD is a decentralized company with 12 depots and 400 pick-up package shops across Switzerland. A majority of its 900 employees speak different languages. They are also on the road, which made it difficult to reach them in the past. Out of their 900 employees, only the office employees have an email address. 

Thanks to the introduction of the Beekeeper employee app, which also features inline translation, all employees are now connected to each other in real-time anywhere, and they always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Besides information, recognition is exchanged as well. From company celebrations to vacation photos and individual achievements—everything is shared through Beekeeper, and it is used very actively. The ability to share stories and information more freely has been instrumental in facilitating a new level of employee bonding within the organization.

Golden Headset Award for Communicative Reform

“We wanted a tool that was very easy to use and gave us 360° communication with all employees,” says Marco Kaiser. Beekeeper is used by almost every employee at DPD, and some depots communicate exclusively via Beekeeper. 

It’s no wonder that DPD has created a buzz in the industry with their internal communication reforms. The Golden Headset Award recognizes Kaiser and his team’s bold efforts reinforce the fact that they are definitely on the right track.

Honoring and making great accomplishments public is the goal of the Golden Headset Award. The award gives the nominated company the opportunity to show the world what it does for its customers and how they are committed to positive employee and customer experiences

The categories included: 

  • Customer experience 
  • Customer focus 
  • Employee focus or the chosen ones from the hall of fame

Congratulations to our customer DPD—change management is not easy, so this is well-deserved!

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