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Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland Streamlines Restaurant Operations for Domino’s Sales Growth

Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland employs approximately 400 people across 19 store locations in addition to its corporate offices. While general managers and corporate employees have quick digital access during the workday, the company’s pizza makers, customer service representatives, and drivers remain largely on their feet and on-the-go throughout their shifts making Domino’s sales.

Before adopting Beekeeper team messaging in 2016, managers at different locations were using WhatsApp to communicate. This led to issues with work-life balance. Without dedicated and mobile operations tools at their disposal, Domino’s employees faced communication challenges including:

  1. Meeting sales numbers
  2. Ensuring employees received HR materials
  3. Time-consuming retail operations processes

Now, the Switzerland restaurant locations are better connected to their drivers, managers, frontline employees, and sales teams and have improved the following aspects of the business.

Workplace Software for More Efficient HR Operations

Beekeeper’s single sign-on operations tools helped Domino’s meet its goal to streamline various HR practices that frequently got lost in the analog shuffle. Digitizing payroll with Beekeeper workplace software has significantly reduced the time it used to take for payroll tasks by moving the process online. Fixed and hourly contracts had to be processed separately, and it often took 2-3 hours just to pack envelopes.

Payroll is connected to the Beekeeper operational communication platform so employees are onboarded into the system as soon as they join the company. All necessary forms are at the employee’s disposal via the team messaging app.

“While our prior payroll system was time-consuming and cumbersome, Beekeeper’s operations integrations suite has allowed us to digitize the whole process. Within Beekeeper, payslips are now accessible to employees with a single click.”

– Claudia Scherrer Domingos, Head of Human Resources, Domino’s Pizza

Increased Revenue and Cross-Organizational Team Messaging

Screenshot on mobile device showing push notifications via Beekeeper team messaging enable the latest store info to shared with specific locations.

In the months following the implementation of Beekeeper, Domino’s employees experienced increased motivation through mobile communication at all levels of the company. Direct access for frontline employees to leadership teams supports better goal-setting and sharing revenue numbers can be accomplished in real-time. Push notifications enable the latest store info to be shared with specific locations. If sales numbers appear to be lagging, employees can continue updating their progress until sales goals are met. This results in a team-oriented, gamified engagement vehicle to operational success.

Improved Customer Relations Processes

Domino’s employees have vastly improved customer relations processes through the fast-paced team messaging channels that Beekeeper supports. With immediate access to the Domino’s corporate marketing department, employees can quickly adapt the latest information and messaging into their customer-facing interactions at work.

Domino’s Switzerland has seen tangible results from digitizing internal communications and restaurant operations in this way, citing record daily sales numbers, and a new national sales record since adopting Beekeeper workplace software.

Download our full case study to learn more about how Domino’s Pizza, Switzerland is improving sales and operations with real-time team messaging.