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Fireside Chat: Digitizing Your Workforce

2020. The year unlike any other has served up plenty of tough lessons to take with us into our next normal.  

Lessons like ensuring your employees have the digital tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Watch our recent fireside chat to learn how other businesses use Beekeeper to increase employee productivity, safety, and quality.

Yet, some companies are still unsure of what the right tools are for their employees.

In our most recent fireside customer chat, industry experts shared their experiences with using Beekeeper to digitally enable their workforce.

Meet our customer panelists:

  • Tavya Chang, Corporate Director Cultural Development at SH Hotels & Resorts
  • Jeff David, President at Fitler Club
  • Jay Knoll, Sr. Communications Specialist at Cargill
  • Kimberly W. Wolf, Protein Emerging Capabilities Business Relationship Manager at Cargill

Take a look at some best practices shared during the discussion.

Streamlining Processes During COVID-19 At SH Hotels & Resorts

Beekeeper company app

SH Hotels & Resorts is a global organization stretching across time zones and multiple languages. So, it’s no surprise the hotelier wanted to stay ahead of the curve by adopting digital solutions to reach and engage all employees.

As a result of their early adoption of Beekeeper, the company was well-positioned to pivot its communication strategy during COVID-19.

From the onset of the pandemic, the organization’s 1,800+ employees needed a streamlined process to get real-time information about:

  • Company updates
  • Benefits information
  • New practices and procedures for reopening

“We used Beekeeper to facilitate learnings around new procedures before coming back to the hotel. As we reopened, each hotel had different policies around entering rooms, doing temperature checks, etc. Beekeeper really helped streamline our processes to communicate important updates.”

Tavya Chang, Corporate Director Cultural Development at SH Hotels

Other Beekeeper features SH Hotels & Resorts finds useful:

  • Campaigns with read receipt confirmations
  • Home Screen with shortcuts to essential documents, like 401K and benefits information

Accessing Training Videos From Any Location at Fitler Club

Fitler Club, a hospitality and collaborative workspace organization, also benefited from being an early adopter of Beekeeper during the pandemic.

Throughout the shutdown, Fitler Club focused on:

  • Remaining in communication with a dispersed workforce
  • Preparing employees for the reopen through training videos

“We created virtual training videos for our staff, as well as reference materials for those training videos that we posted in Beekeeper for employees to access at any time.”

Jeff David, President at Fitler Club

With mobile accessibility to training information, Fitler Club could ensure employees were on the same page when it was time to reopen.

Reaching All Employees With Inline Translations at Cargill

Cargill, a global food manufacturer with employees in 70 countries, adopted Beekeeper as its digital employee communication app in early 2020.

“Cargill was looking for a way to communicate with our value plant employees. These are employees who never sit in front of a computer. They don’t have email accounts. So, being able to get the information to them that they need to have has been a challenge.”

Kimberly W. Wolf, Protein Emerging Capabilities Business Relationship Manager at Cargill

The manufacturing organization uses its Beekeeper app to connect and engage with employees in their native languages.

“We have 30 different languages spoken just in one protein production facility. When we have the ability to inline translate and reach all 30 of those different languages spoken in that one facility, that is a true game-changer for us.”

Jay Knoll, Sr. Communications Specialist at Cargill

Cargill’s favorite Beekeeper features include:

  • Group chats with inline translation
  • Streams for information and best practice sharing
  • Photo upload to save time 
  • Digital forms

Want to learn more about Beekeeper? Request a demo with one of our communications experts today!