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Digitally Engage Your Mobile Workforce for Better Business Returns

Imagine you could increase your business revenue by better engaging your employees. What would that mean for your company? For starters, it would give you a competitive advantage, and boost your value proposition. Achieving that goal is easier than you think. Engage your workforce with a mobile solution such as a team app and you’ll start to see the monetary benefits as well as the employee engagement rewards.

Engaging your employees might seem difficult if your business relies heavily on a frontline workforce who doesn’t use company email or sit at desks, like a factory, hospital, or an international airport like Heathrow. Emerging mobile solutions are transforming industries with significant numbers of mobile workers and making a big impact on employee engagement.

Empower Your Workforce with a Digital Communications Tool

Studies have shown time and time again that employee engagement is directly linked to your bottom line. Companies with a highly engaged workforce can actually experience 18% higher revenue per employee. It’s time to apply the same employee engagement practices companies use for desk-based workers to their mobile and remote teams.

Include them, empower them, and invest in them by making them a digital workforce. All roads and strategies should lead to digitally engaging your workforce and the bottom line will follow suit. Here’s how to digitally engage mobile workforces for better business returns.

Find a Mobile Solution that Fits Your Workforce

The first step to engaging your mobile workforce is to find a digital communication tool that addresses your specific operations and communication needs. With a mobile operational communication platform designed specifically for deskless workers, you can ensure critical messaging and information reaches your entire workforce in real-time no matter how widespread they are. Here’s what to look for when assessing team apps to make an easily-adoptable choice for maximum employee engagement.

  • Easy onboarding with a user-friendly interface for quick adoption.
  • Software integrations to connect with other workforce management apps and systems to streamline internal communication.
  • A mobile-first solution so every employee can use the team app on their mobile device.
  • An analytics dashboard to measure the exact number of employees engaged with the team app.

Upskill Your Workforce with a Team App

Employee retention is a challenge that so many industries face. The cost of hiring, training, and onboarding new employees is expensive. Use your team app to upskill your workforce and train them with new skills needed to perform their jobs better.

As an example, manufacturing plants are adopting technology to become smart factories, but employees need to be included in this digital transformation. Manufacturers can use a mobile communication tool to provide online training in areas such as AI integrations and new equipment. Providing a compelling reason to participate, these opportunities for career growth will boost employee engagement. Continue to invest in your workforce, train them to keep pace with the changing workplace, and you’ll see a higher-performing, more innovative team, and greater retention.

Associate feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with an emphasis on how Beekeeper has improved transparency throughout the hotel for all associate levels.” -Chris Horn, VP of Operations, SIXTY Hotels

Be Transparent To Build Trust and Increase Employee Engagement

When SIXTY Hotels began their digital rollout with Beekeeper, they wanted a way to engage their teams across five locations to create a more transparent culture with a goal of increasing retention. Transparency builds trust with leadership and aligns employees to company vision and goals. SIXTY Hotels continues to roll out Beekeeper features, enjoying a 90% employee engagement.

Industries with the highest amount of mobile workers, such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and construction, are beginning to allocate more money to technology for the frontline workforce. It’s a small investment with big returns.

Download our RFP Checklist for Building Your Digital Workplace to begin the process of finding a mobile operational communication platform for digitally-engaging your workforce.