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Coursepath and Beekeeper Announce New Partnership!

We’re thrilled to announce that Coursepath and Beekeeper have just entered into an exciting new partnership to give frontline employees direct and easy access to professional development!

Coursepath has built an integration with our digital workplace that will allow frontline workers to stay up-to-date on internal training and check out new courses available to them on their Learning Management System, Coursepath. With this new integration, companies can finally make it easier for their frontline staff to access and participate in courses.

How Does It Work?

Beekeeper users will automatically be synced to Coursepath, simplifying account setup, and giving them direct access to their favorite courses right from within Beekeeper’s digital workplace. Participants can access their e-learning courses anytime, anywhere.

This way, they immediately experience how uncomplicated and intuitive the e-learning platform is by signing on seamlessly from the Beekeeper More tab. The result is an inspiring, fast, and effective learning trajectory with a company-wide knowledge and information exchange.

How Coursepath Supports the Beekeeper Vision

Our mission revolves around supporting and championing the employee experience for frontline workers. Our platform integrates with existing operational systems and makes them accessible to everyone in the entire company from one central access point.

“Our vision fits in perfectly with Coursepath’s. It’s also about connecting people and systems, about giving employees the tools to do their job in a meaningful and targeted way. Committed, well-trained staff also help companies stay ahead of the competition. It’s about attracting and retaining talent, sharing knowledge, and adapting communication tools to the needs of employees. This makes Beekeeper’s mobile-first solution – the most tailored tool for frontline worker communication.”

-Alexander Jung-Loddenkemper, Head of Marketplace at Beekeeper in Zurich

Improve Organizational Performance

Mujibor de Graaf, CEO and founding partner of Coursepath parent company Viadesk, sees the partnership with Beekeeper as a logical step in the process of making professional development more accessible for frontline employees.

“We are constantly looking for smart and sustainable solutions that improve the performance of users and organizations. It is all about connection, the mutual communication that takes place on the platform, and the simplicity of switching between systems. This is very important if you want to create a successful learning culture. We see that increasing globalization and digitalization are changing the demands placed on workers. It is therefore important to flexibly move along with this development and to give people access to the tools they need to do their job, to grow, and to realize their ambitions. Together with Beekeeper, we can give even better shape to this.”

Working Together to Make Life Easier for Frontline Teams

This new integration and partnership with Coursepath fits in seamlessly with both Coursepath’s mission and Beekeeper’s vision. Giving frontline workers an opportunity to feel connected to the company they work for, learn, and grow professionally is what we’re all about! Coursepath facilitates this by making learning as easy as possible, for everyone!

Together we look forward to unlocking the potential of every single employee by giving them easy access to the development resources and company information that they need.

Interested in learning more about how Beekeeper and Coursepath can help upskill your employees? Check out Beekeeper’s Marketplace and Request a free demo with one of our product experts today!