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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams
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Connecting with the Front Line

Connecting the front line with Beekeeper

Life is becoming more digital every day; pushing businesses and individuals toward increased connectivity in ways many never thought possible. Yet in manufacturing, there remains one glaring exception: Workers on the meat and poultry processing front lines are still waiting to be connected in the increasingly digital world.

Looking to bridge this growing divide, workers are compensating for the lack of technology by using their own devices at work with 8 in 10 workers already using their personal smartphones to make their jobs easier, according to a Deloitte UK White Paper, “The Connected Worker.”

Reasons for continuing lack of connectivity on the front line are many and varied. Satisfaction with the status quo, staff turnover, accommodation of multiple languages, and little to no time in front of a desktop remain some of the many reasons connectivity is not yet a priority for most front-line workers.

But some forward-thinking organizations are breaking the digital divide between corporate headquarters and their front line employees. Business leaders are using Beekeeper to communicate with their employees about COVID-19 updates, shift schedules, even employee recognition. 

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