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Beekeeper Wins ClearBox’s 2021 Employee App Choice Award – Europe

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We’re proud to announce that Beekeeper has been selected as the recipient of ClearBox Consulting’s 2021 Employee App Choice Award for Europe!

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition from ClearBox Consulting. As we look back on a year where so much pressure was put on our frontline workers, we are incredibly proud to be recognized as an employee app specifically built to reach, connect, and engage these essential team members when they needed it most.” 

– Cristian Grossmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Beekeeper

ClearBox’s independent employee apps report analyzes dozens of employee apps, including the strengths and weaknesses of each product. The firm then scores the apps systematically, based on considerations such as customer reviews, pricing, and vendor track record. 

According to Clearbox, Beekeeper stood out for our simplicity and versatility in enabling frontline workers and digitizing business processes.

“Beekeeper has very strong chat and social tools, which will be really valuable for firstline workers, and it is growing its transactional capabilities rapidly.”

Digitally Enabling The Frontline

digitally enabling the frontline workforce with Beekeeper

There is a bustling marketplace for workplace employee apps. And, Beekeeper is proud to be the only mobile collaboration and productivity platform explicitly built for frontline employees.

With Beekeeper, frontline employees benefit from:

  • Real-time mobile access to important job-related information and materials
  • Productivity-boosting capabilities, such as streamlined workflows, shift schedules, forms, and inline translations
  • Seamless integrations with other critical workplace apps – that can be accessible in one centralized platform
  • Engaging content and features, such as 1:1 and group chats, feedback surveys, and Streams to share stories, recognition, or simply celebrate each other

While this is almost ten years in the making, the past year underscored why frontline workers need a solution that meets their unique needs.

Hear from some of our customers about how we’ve worked together to help them adjust to the new normal.

Fitler Club

saving resources with Beekeeper's digital platform

Philadelphia-based Fitler Club was forced to temporarily shut its doors during the global pandemic. As a result, the majority of their employees were furloughed. But, the company wanted to find a way to engage with their team members during this downtime.

With Beekeeper, Filter Club was not only able to stay connected with their dispersed team members but they also:

  • Enabled a next-level internal communications strategy
  • Were better prepared to get team members up to speed quickly for the re-opening
  • Reduced employee turnover and enhanced overall engagement

Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort operates across 2,000 acres and employs up to 400 workers during the busy season.

Having adopted Beekeeper as its employee app in 2017, the company was better positioned than most to quickly adapt during the pandemic. As a result, the company leaned heavily on the app to keep employees informed, connected, and engaged throughout the uncertain time.

The rise of the frontline worker is here. Download our white paper to learn why digitally enabling these essential employees is critical for our continued economic recovery.

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