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Boost Your Hotel’s Amenities Upsell With A Messaging App

Digital technology can customize nearly every aspect of a guest’s stay from start to finish, including room choice, extra towels, and check-out time. Given how important this digital connection is on the guest facing side, it follows that connecting your hotel workforce with a messaging app could achieve the same time-saving and connected goals.

Amenities upsells and event bookings are crucial revenue generators for hotels. With a messaging app, hotels can better inform and train their hospitality teams with real-time mobile access.

Pro-active Event Planning and Hotel Staff Notification

When a corporate meeting planner is considering hosting a conference at your hotel, they are looking at a number of factors that will inform their choice. One area that is often overlooked by hotels during this process is ensuring hotel teams know who these prospective clients are and what they look like.

Using a messaging app, F&B managers can schedule in-person or virtual pop-up meetings to provide this important information to their frontline teams. Photos of the meeting planners and any key personnel, their names and titles, and important facts (such as the size of the company, the kind of conference or meeting they are planning, etc.) can be shared directly in communication streams.

By planning ahead and sharing this information, you are preparing your hotel employees to put their best foot forward, introduce themselves, and leave no doubt in the meeting or conference planner’s mind that your hotel is the clear choice.

Empower Your Team with Digital Tools for Better Conference Wayfinding

Digital tools are immensely helpful once the conference has been scheduled and confirmed. Communication streams can be used to notify teams across the hotel of VIP guests associated with events, and preferences of these high-profile guests so that special touches can be executed in advance.

Another way a messaging app can better prepare your teams for conference goers is to upload and share the current list of events and relevant maps directly to the platform. A common question during events from guests is room location and event timelines, such as when keynote presentations begin. Whether looking for their hotel room or the conference meeting place, this guest touchpoint can go south quickly if hotel staff is asked but can’t direct guests to where they need to go. Navigation extensions in a messaging ensure that wayfinding during important events is solidified and adequately communicated hotel-wide.

Use A Messaging App to Increase Upselling with Online Trainings

When on vacation or traveling for business, hotel guests are looking for the best experience. Your frontline workers are the catalyst for communicating these amenities to guests and succeeding in making sure they select them. If an upgrade you offer is $50 to get a room with an ocean or mountain view, for example, there are ways to train your team to close the upsell more consistently and effectively.

With a messaging app, you can bring amenities upsell trainings to life and track their progress by:

  • Hosting an online upselling best practices training program
  • Scheduling in-person workshops to train everyone in front office
  • Posting videos from in-person trainings of role-play interactions that demonstrate what to do (and what not to do) during the upsell process.
  • Sharing daily, weekly, or monthly stats on upsells with recognition or awards for the property or employee who achieves the most amenities upsells.

Hotels can create additional revenue with better trainings on how to upsell amenities. Messaging apps play a key role in communicating these best practices and providing an online digital resource hub for hotel teams to refer to in real-time.

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