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Best Ways To Boost Employee Engagement with the Pulse Surveys App

Pulse surveys are just like they sound: they take the pulse of your company’s workforce. They are a powerful tool in measuring and building employee engagement. A pulse surveys app provides insight into the employee experience by routinely sending out short, customized questions through a team app, giving business leaders the information to develop data-driven solutions.

Employee engagement is more than a trend. Studies have continually shown that satisfied workers are productive stakeholders. Last year, companies dedicated $1 billion to improving employee engagement. Here’s how to distribute pulse surveys through a team communication app for best results in boosting employee engagement in your company.

Design Employee Surveys to Achieve Best Results

When you create a pulse survey in your team app, customize it to maximize the employee survey response rate and the quality of the employee feedback. Here’s how to get the information you need from your mobile workforce:

  • Establish goals. Know what information you are trying to find out.
  • Develop strategic questions. Design your survey with focused, user-friendly questions.
  • Critically evaluate responses. Go over the results and measure feedback over time.

Remember to be consistent. 22% of companies send out surveys at least every quarter. Join that club.

Keep Your Communication Strategy Simple

Pulse surveys need to be easy to deliver and easy to complete. “One of our core values is ‘keep it simple’, and we’ve put a lot of effort in simplifying the experience on the end user side while making it powerful for the business,” says Cristian Grossmann, CEO of Beekeeper. Beekeeper is a digital workplace platform that allows employers to design and distribute pulse surveys to employees through team app chatbots on their mobile devices. The simple format increases survey response rate, giving company leaders a solid read on what’s working, and what’s not. Employee-survey-team-app-mobile-device-Beekeeper-blog You also need to keep pulse surveys simple by asking well-thought out questions that focus on a specific topic: think quality over quantity. You’ll see higher response rates when pulse surveys are quick to complete.

Encourage Employee Feedback

A pulse survey is only as good as the feedback you receive. Encourage employee participation by taking action. If employees reveal a problem area in their workflow, resolve it. Responsive leadership will encourage completion of future surveys. In anticipation of providing feedback, employees will get in the habit of staying more aware of their work experience and environment. One way to ensure you get the open and honest employee feedback you need is to conduct anonymous employee surveys.

At the Wheatsville Food Co-Op in Texas, employees are required to log in to their Beekeeper team app every day to keep up with important information. So team managers use the platform to send out pulse surveys, too. 70% is the average response rate. Wheatsville’s employee survey response rate exceeds the average with 76%, a sign that employees feel heard and valued.

Share Survey Results with Your Mobile Workforce

You can’t go wrong with transparency when your goal is boosting employee engagement. Employees become more engaged when their company shares information. So be sure to distribute survey results. Another benefit a team communications app is automated data collection. Survey results will be organized so you can easily review and share them.

A team communications app also allows you to track survey results over time. This is helpful so that you can reflect on and adapt communication strategies and build an ongoing conversation with your mobile workforce.

Take Action with a Team App

The beauty of a digital pulse survey is the turnaround time from survey to action. Real-time feedback gives you insight into issues as they arise, allowing you to process results and define action items quickly. Employee engagement will improve when policies are adjusted to reflect their needs, and yield higher retention. When employees stay, uninterrupted collaboration raises productivity.

Check in on the health of your workforce with pulse surveys. They’re an important part of any internal communication strategy that will boost employee engagement, and should be at the top of your leadership ‘to do’ list.

To learn how pulse surveys improve employee engagement, download our “Real Time Employee Feedback Checklist.”